Am I retired? Not yet. I have lots of energy to sell your home but due to my experience, ability, knowledge and very rich database I sell the homes too quick and then I don’t have anymore listings to sell.

Look what happened to my latest listing: 59 Parnell Ave, Marmion was SOLD on the first weekend. 16 viewers and 7 more enquiries and BANG, like the quick and the dead, gone! 2 offers were presented and a couple more people had interest but they had to sell their homes first.

I need more homes to sell because I’ve met very serious buyers that are “hot to trot”. And these buyers are looking from Hillarys to Trigg.
Can I have your house to sell?

At this stage of my life I’ve decided that I am going to sell homes only if I get called in. I am not chasing anyone. You all know that I have the experience, the knowledge and the richest database an agent can have. Plus I have the facilities too, working in an office full of excellent reps who are keen on team work and always ready to gather their buyers and take them to all our listings which are most suitable to them.

Am I retired? Not yet. I have lots of energy to sell your home. I love to meet buyers and I’m never tired to do Home Opens or take buyers to see homes.

If you have a home to sell, whether it be your residence or your investment or even vacant land, please give me a call. I am getting older but I’m still tirelessly selling homes.