Sharing my successful business week of excitement to help me relax

I had such an exciting few hours this week that I have to share with you to help me relax and wind down a bit.

Last week I had 4 home opens with 3 of them being first time open and I had a whopping 53 Groups through in total.

I then spent the whole day on Monday following up the buyers talking on the phone and writing offers.

One of the successful buyers invited me over to the Atrium at the Crowne (Burswood) for a meal with their family. So I had to rush from my offer presentation to  to get to the Crowne (Burswood). Full of excitement, I could not even park my car without the help of a valet. Thank God we have them, they are handy when your in a rush.

I had a great meal and left the Crowne and went to another buyer’s house at 10:30pm to write an offer on a third property.

By the end of Tuesday I had 2 of the 4 properties sold with a few offers written and at 10:30am another offer to deal with on Wednesday. I called this a successful week! What a buzz!

If you have any exciting stories and would like to share them let me know and I will publish them too. Good stories is good for the soul and give good vibes too.

I wonder what next week has install for me!