What are buyers looking for when choosing a new home in today’s society?

Sorrento Living What do buyers want in a new home

Buying a new house is a fun and interesting experience and a huge decision so a lot of different components go into the choices the buys of today make.

Both men and women enjoy imagining what their life in the new home will be like. Everyone wants something a bit different, but all buyers want these core concepts.

Men and women tend to look at different things when browsing the home. Men have a tendency to consider maintenance, both short and long term. This means that they are happy to inspect the smallest details of the home to see if they will need to make repair. They will also look at the amount of daily and weekly maintenance the home will need to keep it livable.

Men are also more likely to consider the costs of utilities when choosing whether or not to purchase the home. They do not necessarily plan the household budget more or less than a woman would. Rather, they consider energy consumption and efficiency into the value of the home. Homes that have more energy efficient features, especially when dealing with luxury homes, tend to add value and drive the price upwards.

Women tend to also look at the overall condition of the home, but for very different reasons. Women tend to imagine what a home would look like with their personal décor inside. They inspect the details of the home, ensuring that every aspect of the home looks perfect. They are also worried about repairs, but more for the sake of convenience. Women tend to plan the move out precisely, and additional repairs take up time they may not be willing to give up. The best way to combat this is to have major repairs completed before showing off the home.

No matter who is looking at the home, if the rooms are not pleasing to the eye, the home may not sell. Rooms crammed with belongings don’t look open or inviting. In order to sell a home, you want people to notice the space and invite them in to the home. Upon entering for the first time, the buyer should be able to see the space with minimal furniture so that they can imagine what the room will look like once they have settled in.

These days with technology, issues like enough power points for all the gadgets and TV outlets play a big role in both men and women’s choices when buying a home. Extra luxuries like a separate area in the shed suitable for a man cave or extra large closets in the bedrooms for the girls sometimes rather large clothing and shoe collection are stand out features in today’s society.

Luckily for the average home seller, men and women look for very similar things in the home, even if they are for different reasons. This allows a seller to point out the size, layout, energy efficiency, and repairs needed on the home. Understanding what men and women are looking for in the home is the best way to organize a sales pitch and help get them into the home of their dreams.