What to check at your final inspection to save yourself from any surprises

The final inspection is the final step after you have negotiated a sale and signed the contract, your finances are in order, a settlement date has been set.

You are almost the owner of a brand new home, but hang on! Have you done your final inspection yet?

The final inspection is the last step (should everything else be running smoothly) prior to settling and being able to move in. This generally happens 7-10 days prior to your settlement date to allow for any repairs, work or maintenance done and requires you to be present to have one last run through of the property to see if everything is in working order and as the same as upon first viewing it and placing your offer.

The final inspection consists of walking through the entire property and checking to make sure everything is in working order, including the retic, pool, spa and any other features that were included in the contract.

Here is a list to get you started.


  • Check all the Light switches work
  • Test all power points (Use a power point tester or hair dryer)
  • Check all inbuilt appliances are functioning
    • Oven / Hot plates
    • Air conditioners
    • Dishwasher
    • Heaters
    • Exhaust Fans
    • Pool Filters


  • Ensure the hot water system is functioning (is the water from the tap hot?)
  • Turn on 2 or 3 internal taps and ensure sufficient pressure is maintained
  • Partially fill sinks and laundry trough and then remove plug to check for drainage (if not pipes or drains may be blocked)


  • Check operation or bore pump (if applicable)
  • Check operation or reticulation system and sprinkler heads
  • Request copies of instruction manuals for stove, dishwasher and security system

Basically make sure everything is in working order and feel free to let the agent know if you’re unhappy about something you think should be before settlement and it’s too late.

Happy Settlement!


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