I have so many beautiful and talented friends and Belinda Wilkinson is no exception.

A past client who I helped to buy a house Belinda Wilkinson, is a reporter for Channel 7’s Today Tonight and is back in Perth after working for Channel 7 in Sydney.

I’m a WA girl, moved to Sydney with Ch7, came back to buy a property within five days. Found you. Amazingly patient. You asked the right questions and knew what I was looking for and understood my time constraints. We raced around like headless chooks but found the best bargain house. It was right below our nose and we couldn’t believe our luck!

I’m back in Perth reporting for Ch7 and I’m in the process of renovating that place now. I will look back to a property around North Beach for that coastal lifestyle I love, and hope to settle in.

I’ll be calling you very soon Alycee…..let’s do it again!

It makes me very proud to love what I do!


  1. Celeste said:

    Wonderful, well done
    and A WARM WA WELCOME home to Belinda!!!