Property prices don’t go down (unless overpriced) so buy today and reap the rewards tomorrow

One day in 2002 when doing a home open in Sorrento, one of the neighbors popped in to see the house and compare it with his own but at that moment he was not looking to buy another.

We started to discuss properties and I asked him if he had anything to sell? He answered “yes, but in Narrogin”.

He explained where Narrogin so I said “I am interested. A weekend is coming up, give me the keys and I will investigate and come back to you”. The property had been on the Market with an Agency from Narrogin for the last 3 Month and no offers.

My husband and I drove to Narrogin and I visited the whole building of 10 units with only 3 being occupied. They needed a bit of work but 10 units, a whole building!

I had butterfly in my tummy from excitement so I put my head to work and sold the property in one week.

If you are thinking of selling and wish to employ my stamina, enthusiasm, excitement and most of all passion for Real Estate just pick up the phone and call me.

I am your girl!

Here is what those happy client’s said;

Hi Alycee
Loved your article and the property that we bought through you on 2 August 2002 for $264,000.
10 units in country town Narrogin 200 kms from Perth. Yes for all 10 units.

Oh so much anxiety did we pay to much. Why were only 3 units rented at $90PW each. Only 5.31% gross return.
With Alycee’s enthusiam and encouragement the sale proceeded.

We rebitumenised the driveway, put new carpets & painted all units and within 3 months all units were tenanted.

Now the property is conservatively valued at $1.5 million with rents at $220pw each, 43.33% gross return on our purchase price.

Thank you again Alycee.

Remember: People may say we are lucky but that is not so.
The more you work towards your goals, the “luckier” you become.
Luck plays no part in it. Goal setting and a realisation that we want to retire on an income equal to what we received when we were working and not less.

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Kind regards
Michael Beros