Going to Honk Kong China, Shenzhen for pleasure and a bit of business too

By the time you are reading this I am half way on my holiday/business trip.Had to get a Visa to visit a client and a friend who is putting me up for the time I will be there. I am sure I will be doing a bit of shopping, having tea and meet more of my friend friends who also buy a lot of properties in Perth.
I am flying with another client and friend who has introduced me to a lot of her friends who bought property with me here in Perth.
Our friendship goes back close to 20 years.
I am extremely excited to go. It will a business holiday which I will enjoy the stay and same time meeting future clients too.
I will be back more up beat and ready to SEL SELL SELL!
In my feature image I am showing a picture of a number of Chinese signs. I am hoping to come back almost fluent Chinese speaking.
I have been trying to learn already but being there and speaking and listening Chinese for 9 days I may have a good chance to learn quicker.