Another long weekend to showcase my properties open for inspection

Sorrento Living Home Opens

I hope everyone had a great Easter long weekend and spent lots of time with your family eating lots of chocolate.

On Sunday I had a great lunch with my family at my daughters house, where we ate a salad made by my son, a silverbeet and feta sun pie made by my daughter and I made a surprise watermelon cake for everyone.

My cake looked delicious, covered in rich whipped cream and topped with fresh berries and kiwifruit and although my husband, son and his girlfriend had already had the surprise the biggest reaction to my surprise was my son-in-laws face when he realised my cake (the one I had been slaving over a hot stove for all morning) was really just Watermelon!

His reaction was priceless, I wish I had the camera ready for his facial expression, but he did enjoy it and admitted it was probably a healthier option as he had a dinner to attend to later that day.

So this long weekend I will be busy with home opens and here is where I will be!