Weekend Home Opens and Family Traditions

Sorrento Living First of the Month

On the first day of every month, we have a tradition in my family to see who can “Pinch, Punch” every one first! Now I don’t mean physically pinch and punch someone, these days it’s usually done via SMS on our phones and with everyone in the family with an Iphone it’s really quite easy to get them all at once.

I’m usually the one to get everyone but this month it was my son’s girlfriend Toni who managed to get Merv, Nikky and Myself at just around 9am this morning. I did however notice that she missed my husband Mike, and so did Nikky so we both got him and he noticed that Toni was missing from the group so Mike got Toni but Merv got noone.

This is the fun we go through every 1st of the month and have and will continue to do so but I wonder who will get it first next month?

Do you have a family tradition that you do every month, week, or even year that is quirky, weird or funny? I’d love to hear all about it.

Here’s where I will be this weekend for home opens;