Make sure you get a Structural Report done when buying and also attend it if possible

Sorrento Living Structural Report

When buying a property I always suggest to buyers to place an offer subject to a Structural report being done on the property and it coming back structurally sound.

Also, that they should be at the property while the Building Inspector is there so they can ask any questions and be told “straight from the horses mouth” that although there maybe a couple things wrong and the property may need some TLC, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t structurally sound.

In fact, some people may see a house in really bad shape or may look like a “lemon” but after having a Structural Report done from a qualified Building Inspector they find out that actually the house is Structurally sound and the “bones” of it are really good and strong and it just needs some cosmetic adjustments and TLC to make it look pretty again.

By rights, you should know what your getting into when buying a new home, whether your going to live in it or rent it out, you would want peace of mind that the roof is not going to collapse on you while your sitting watching tv, or the stairs are going to give way while walking up to bed one night. So having someone know whether the home you are about to buy is safe is definitely something worth investing in.

With all the home renovations being done you also want to make sure that if any were done in the house your interested in, that they were done to Australian Building Standards and have council approval.

It’s just always better to be safe than sorry and if there is nothing wrong, well then you have a great house and it’s worth buying.

I recommend Houspect and have always used them and will continue to refer them as they have always been a great company to deal with but feel free to call me for any further information or with any questions you may have.