Need a tree cutter? I used one in my Sorrento property. He is great!

Tradespeople are very valuable to maintain your property and I got 3 quotes from tree cutters to do a job on an investment property.

I was surprised of the astronomic prices I was quoted but my third quote was from a young man, Matt Markov who is eager for work. He removes all tree trunks and trims. Always available and is a lot cheaper and wants to trim lots of trees.

His mobile is 0400 408 401 and his email is


  1. Beryl said:

    Hi Alycee
    Thanks for the info about Matt Markov. I will keep his number handy. I have alot of big trees, as you can see out the front of my place at 8 Myrtle, and the last lopping job cost me $300, for some minor pruning. I have paid alot around $600 to have a tree removed with some other minor pruning, for another job. So yes I will definitely be interested in someone who charges reasonably.

    Thanks again, Beryl

    • Hi Beryl
      Appreciate your comments. Any tradespeople I use I am always happy to pass along their info.
      I always get good tradespeople who are eager to work and have the most reasonable prices.
      These tradespeople believes in volume of clients.