Spring into action and get your home ready for Summer

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the future and getting ready for the Summer months ahead.

While it’s not too hot and on the days the sun is shining, why not head outside and clear out the weeds, trim the trees and bushes and make your garden ready for Summer. Excess weeds that are left and die off and dry up can also be a fire hazard so keeping your gardens clean, fresh and manicured can help your property look good and be safer too.

Spring is also the perfect time to get rid of the extra clutter around the house and in the garage. You know those empty boxes, broken things and stuff you no longer use or need, well why not put them in the bin or take them to the Good Sammies if they are still usable.

If you do have a lot of things that you just want to keep but have nowhere to store them, there are plenty of shops around now where you can get some great storage containers to store things and organise your belongings instead of just shoving them into a cardboard box. Stores like Howards Storage World has a lot of great options and ideas to help you and they are located all around Perth.

Also, if you have any old newspapers you have piling up please let me know and I can come and collect them and give them to the Lions Club.

Perhaps you are thinking of selling and don’t know where to start? Well doing all these things are the best thing you could do before getting someone in to give you a market appraisal.

There is nothing like having a clean, fresh house free of clutter, although having a cleaning fairy would be a lot easier, I promise doing it yourself will make you feel cleaner, fresh and free of clutter.

With the end of the year fast approaching and if you are thinking of selling or would simply like to sit down with a market expert, then contact me on 0416 188 752 or email me alycee.barrett@raywhite.com