I have a very healthy list of tradespeople if you look in my Business Directory I am missing something and that is a House sitter for free. Pack your back pack and go

People go on holidays for 2, 3 weeks or longer and they prefer to leave their pets in their own enviroment. The only thing they need is someone to stay in their house to look after the cat, walk and feed the dog.

What is the benefit to you if it is for free?

Well, for instance, you are living with the boyfriend in your parent’s home. Wow, that would be a great time to have a holiday and give a holiday for your parents.

Change of scenery, normal life in different home. You would not have any expense. Cook and eat what you find in the pantry, sleep in different bed. It is like to be in holidays except you carry on with your life as usual.

If you tired to impose on your adult children. Take a “holiday” house sitting for someone that needs.

I have a request for September, another for November or other even sooner.


Pack your back pack and your boyfriend and go for some “holiday” away from home but just nearby

Just keep in touch I may have someone who needs your help.

Also if you are interested in having someone house sitting for you, let me know and I can put you in contact with the ones who will do the house sitting.

By the way, I am not charging for this service. This is the idea I had due to the requests I had. People asking me if I know who would do house sitting.

I would love to help.


  1. wendy jones said:

    Hi Alycee’
    My son Scott who is nearly 25 is looking to do housesitting.

    • Hi Wendy
      As long Scott knows this is a free venture. I just want to put people together so they can benefit from each others need.
      i have approved your answer.
      I don’t know anyone who needs for now only later in the year.
      When someone contact me I will indicate Scott also, okay?

  2. Trudi Bennett said:

    Hi Alycee,

    My partner and I have recently come back from traveling and are house-sitting while we look for a house to buy. I’m a teacher (36) and Gary is a ‘Mr Fix-it’.


    • Hi Trudi
      I have approved your comment.
      Would be good if you can inform of your availability also.
      I don’t know anyone who will need but people reading my blog may enquire about your availability.

  3. Vanilda Cavalcante said:

    I have done many house-sitting and I love to do it in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, where I have relatives and friends it gives me an opportunidade to visit them. I prefer to do it from November to March.
    Good references:

  4. Benton Handcock said:

    Hi, can everyone advise a good caravan park to vacation at on the gold coast?