I bought another investment for my property portfolio

Yes, prices are not the same as they were in 1998. They have been going up and up since then.

I hear people telling me that they are waiting for prices to come down and they will purchase a house. They are the procrastinators that ended up never buying!

I’m telling you the prices will never comes down. I remember I bought a property for $146,000 in 1998 and today it’s worth over $700,000.

I believe in bricks and mortar. I sell Real Estate with a passion and I buy Real Estate with passion. Buy a house or 2 for a future income and you may be able to retire comfortably.

I am not ready to retire  yet so I continue to buy and increase my portfolio and I continue to work harder to pay for them. The work keeps my mind and body alive.

My advice to all of you: buy Real Estate. House, land, unit, whatever. Sit on it and reap the rewards in the future.

Buy today. Don’t wait for prices to go down. They won’t!

Here is a story that I read about buying an investment property in Perth and the right way to do it.


  1. Michael Beros & Colin Rourke said:

    Hi Alycee
    Loved your article and the property that we bought through you on 2 August 2002 for $264,000.
    10 units in country town Narrogin 200 kms from Perth. Yes for all 10 units
    Oh so much anxiety did we pay to much. Why were only 3 units rented at $90PW each. Only 5.31% gross return.
    With Alycee’s enthusiam and encouragement the sale proceeded.
    We rebitumenised the driveway, put new carpets & painted all units and within 3 months all units were tenanted.
    Now the property is conservatively valued at $1.5 million with rents at $220pw each, 43.33% gross return on our purchase price.
    Thank you again Alycee.

    Remember: People may say we are lucky but that is not so.
    The more you work towards your goals, the “luckier” you become.
    Luck plays no part in it. Goal setting and a realisation that we want to retire on an income equal to what we received when we were working and not less.

    Please like us on italktravel North Perth, Colin is organising a South American Tour next year and we would love you and your friends to be aware of the trip.
    Kind regards
    Michael Beros

    • Michael and Colin
      I am so happy with your comments and happier with your successful purchase.
      That is why I always passionate about Real Estate. Buy now. Tomorrow would be more expensive.
      How could you be able to buy a building anywhere for $264.000 today?
      The last investment property I bought 3 weeks ago cot me more money than I paid for my own residence 11 years ago.
      And I believe that next year and the years to come they will cost even more.
      I am sure you will agree with me.
      Enjoy to reap your rewards.
      Thank you again