More guests and home Open times for Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November

Sorrento Living Home Opens

Last week I was lucky to have my nephew from Italy and his two friends come and stay with us for a little while and this week I am lucky to have my niece from Canada and 3 of her friends who is also travelling come and stay with me for a couple days before heading off to Bali on Saturday.

Lucky my kids are grown up and no longer live with my so I can accept all these guests but it’s nice to be able to see all this family and I am very happy to have them here. On Friday all 9 of us will travel to my daughters house South of the River to have home made pizza and the only ones that will be missing is my son and his girlfriend but we have planned to Facetime them on the Iphone so they can be at the party too.

With guests coming and going and parties I still am there to help my clients and have home opens.

1/19 Elsie Street, Watermans Bay

Saturday & Sunday 1:00 – 1:45pm