I am working for Ray White now! Yellow is almost gold? Just happens!

For the past 3 years I have worked at 2 Real Estate Agencies. First Nexus, then Acton and now Ray White!

When I moved to Nexus Real Estate it was solely for the need of a change plus I wanted to base myself in North Beach as I have worked in the area since 1999.

I wanted to go back and I chose to go with Nexus because the owner Chris Jonker had been my Manager in the past and we always worked well together. Plus he always gave me a “pat on the back” for my achievements. I am just like a child who needs a reward for good behaviour. I think most people are like that.

Nexus was purchased by Acton a year later while I was on long holidays. When I came back the name was different but stuff and location was the same. I stayed despite lots of invitations to make another move.

I usually say that my loyalty with each employer lasts for 5 years when I get the urge or the itch to change. I am loyal…for 5 years. But this time I was tricked?

Ray White came along and purchased Acton so now I am at Ray White. Same location with a “face lift”.

Same desk. All white and yellow. Nearly gold, though….

I am sure I will do okay anywhere I go because I have “you all” to support me.

Sorrento Living Ray White Office 1