Growing old gracefully and putting things into perspective means working with less pressure to pay bills

Sorrento Living Growing Old Gracefully

I have been in Real Estate  over half of my life and I am still very active and probably will be going until I am 90. I want to be number one in something so I will have a chance to be the number one oldest Real Estate Agent in the world. He…he….he…

But I am also thinking of getting an income from my rental properties and at my age it is time to do some housekeeping in order to achieve my goal.

This is what I have been telling everyone: IT IS TIME TO SELL. Just recently I have taken my own advice and have just sold one of my investment properties so I can pay others off and reduce the mortgages and start to have a rental income.

I do not recommend that young people to do it. Only the “oldies” like me. The best way is to owe the Banks $1.5 to $2 million until you are around 55 years of age then you start to sell and pay off some mortgage. You have then created your wealth.

The way the real estate market is now is fantastic to do the 2 most important thing in Real Estate:


Interest rates may drop again this month or will continue to be on hold  for a while  but you still can BUY and enjoy paying a low percentage and higher rental income to cover your mortgage.

Shortage of properties in the market and tons of buyers everywhere, it is time to SELL!

Even though I have just SOLD one I am in the market to look for something special to BUY because as you know I am not ready to retire….. yet!

Call me now for an appraisal so you too can grow old gracefully!