Where are all the property buyers that were floating around?

Sorrento Living Mini Boom

This last weekend the traffic on home opens  has diminished and I thought the “mini boom” was over.

Then I found out School holidays commenced and the Mums and Dads that I usually roaming through the home opens are busy catering to their children, going on holidays or just don’t want to drag them through home opens.

The numbers of properties for sale has gone up so there is still alot available and now there is more choice and the smart sellers that have thrown their homes on the market in the last couple of months have already sold.

I sold two last weekend, with offer from foreign investors in Paris and Norway, so there are buyers out there everywhere.

The number of properties on the market last week was 7800 and 2 days ago it was 8434 that means more properties are coming to market than sales are made.

If this continues, soon the boom will be over!

Act quick, Sell now!