Finishing 2014 with a BANG! 6 Renown is Under Offer with less than 3 weeks on the market!

My Christmas Wish came True!

It may not have happened before Christmas but just after and that is good enough for me and now 6 Renown Way, Sorrento is Under Offer and both my Sellers and Buyers are very Happy.

I have to start 2015 looking for more homes to sell as I have sold all my listings except I have one in Quinns Rocks at 16 Piper that can only be shown after January 15th 2015.

I am now trying to sell 4 Bennetts one of the most beautiful designer home with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, study, pool, ocean views, superb
location and offering great lifestyle for the whole family.

I have numerous requests:

“Buyers are coming out of my ears”

Need homes all shapes and sizes, old, new, demolition and various prices too.

Call for a free appraisal and I will be happy to do the best job I possibly can!

Happy New Year!

Sorrento Living Happy New Year 2015