Five Tips to Help Sell Your Home Faster And Protect You From Costly Mistakes

Sorrento Living 5 Tips to Sell You Home Faster

The real estate market is always competitive. No matter how perfectly priced and located your home is, there will still be other homes in the area for sale. It is always a buyer’s market and sellers need to understand this if they want to make the sale. With that being said, there are still many ways to present the home so that it is more appealing to those looking to buy. Following these tips will help you stand out among the other homes in the area and help you make your sale quicker.

Double Check the Price

The old trend of pricing a home above market value to gain attention is over. With the rise of the Internet, buyers can easily check to make sure your home is priced around market value. The negotiations tend to start there. Advertising around market value and being competitive in your pricing will give you the advantage when people search online and sort their results.

Don’t Give Your Home That Lived-In Look

When you go to sell a home, even if you currently live in it, it is important that it looks move-in ready. This means ensuring that clutter is packed away for storage. Some furniture can be left in the home, but keep it to a minimum and make sure that it fits well in the room. An interior designer or stylist can help show you how to organize the room so that it is still functional, but looks more pleasing to the buyer’s eye. Remember, you want to invite them in, not show them that you are in the hectic moving process.

Work with Experience

The real estate market is cluttered with people who are ready and willing to help you make a sale. Their experience will reflect on how fast the home sells and how much money you get, so it is important to choose with care. Each agent has their own expertise and skills, so don’t be afraid to interview a few until you find the right fit.

Sell the Area

When showing your home, it is important to know the area well. You aren’t simply selling a home, you are selling a lifestyle. Both you and your agent should be familiar with the immediate area. You should also be able to note major landmarks in the area. Your agent might not live in your area so the more information you give them about your “lifestyle” the better picture your agent can paint for your potential buyer. Sell the home as not only a practical choice for your buyer, but that it will give them access to the life they want. This adds value to the purchase and makes them more apt to buy.

Don’t Ignore the First Offer

One of the biggest mistakes that a home owner can make is ignoring a reasonable offer in the early stages of home selling. They don’t understand that another one may not come along. The most qualified buyers tend to view the home within thirty days of it being on the market and may send a low offer. Don’t ignore it and wait for a better one. Try to work something out with every buyer that comes your way.