July is the first Month of the new Financial year and I got number one for the Month. Started very well


Thank you

Who made that possible.

I am very happy wearing a never end smile.

A “tap in the back” for my hard work.

August is my Birthday Month even though my paperwork says I am from January. Mistake that was made in this little Town in Brazil, called Pedra Corrida ( Running Stone )

This is like a present for my coming Birthday. Not only that the Month of July was also a record Month for my office in Acton Coastal in North Beach

Still very happy working at this office with great professionals that are very helpful and friendly.  Most amazing experienced Agents this he Real Estate Industry.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to say: Well done to all of my colleagues

Due to the sales of the properties I had on the market I am obviously short of listings.

Need more homes to sell!