Saying good bye to my beloved RX8 and getting a new red BMW 220i

I love my RX8 but is getting older. 6 years now. If Mazda comes up with a new RX9 I want one.

What most attract me to my cars are the “suicide doors” since I first laid ones on it I had to have one!

I remember when I went to Mazda and said : I want one of your cars that the doors open side ways. The salesperson said: Ah, you are looking for the RX8? I am not sure.

He showed me the car and ask if I would like to go for a drive and my prompt answer was: what for? Is it a lemon that you have to testigos First? I don’t need to drive it. I want a new one in red only.

Since I started to buy the RX8 and changing every 3 years I never look back . 2 years ago I had my car wrapped in gold  vinyl but it is getting a bit daggy.

img_2352 img_2353

Cannot wait until 2020 to get the replacement RX9

Last week I ordered the 220i and I am selling my lovely RX8 below the value at the cars guide: $12.000

MAZDA RX8 2010


Manual & Automatic


Power Windows

Etc etc etc