Sold in a week: 9 Drakes Walk

I love making my clients happy, and with a recent sale, I certainly did that, and I did it fast.

First of all, to give credit where credit is certainly due, the property I’m discussing was in an excellent location close to the ocean on a large lot with expansion potential. While the home itself was certainly not in perfect condition, it was in good condition, and it had great potential.

So before I went on my holidays, I posted the property on the internet. I did not include the address or the price, but only the name of the suburb with a photo showing the beach.

This ad generated a lot of interest. I responded to dozens of emails during my travels and let eager property seekers know that the property would be available in a few weeks, upon my return. I built up more than a little anticipation for the mystery property.

When I got back, I contacted everyone who had expressed an interest in the property, gave them the address and other details, and arranged private showings over one weekend (with the owner’s cooperation). The result? Three offers, one buyer, and one extremely happy seller.

Time on the market: one week.

I was sharing this story with another agent, and she expressed her opinion that I had missed opportunities by marketing in this way.

“You didn’t have a home open?” she asked. “No,” I said. “Then you didn’t meet all those potential buyers and sellers,” she said. “True,” I said. But I sold the house. I also didn’t spend the owner’s money on expensive advertising, and the owner is very, very happy.

Can it work every time? Probably not. But did I pat myself on the back for that brilliant marketing strategy? You bet I did!

If you have a home I can sell for you, give me a call. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve.