A history of Sorrento

Sorrento is a beautiful coastal suburb in northern Perth which falls within the council borough of Joondalup. It is believed that settlers first arrived in the area around the late 1920s. It has also been suggested that the name of the suburb was taken after the coastal town in Italy which bears the same name. Before settlers arrived, the area was inhabited by the Whadjuk aboriginal tribe. The suburb was then called Mooro. One of the first European settlers to live in Sorrento was Patrick Marmion who managed a whaling station of which some of the remains are still visible and being preserved.

Due to its geography, the area was famous among fishermen as evident by boatsheds that were built along the coast. In the 1950s, it had become a residential area. Sorrento used to be a part of the Marmion suburb until 1981. As the years went on, Sorrento started to progress as different structures like schools, shopping centres and other business establishments sprung up. According to the data of Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 7,321 people residing in Sorrento in 2001. Today, these figures have grown as the city continues to progress. It offers living, working and recreational opportunities not just to its local residents but to everyone who visits. The most common professions to live in the suburb are tradesmen and general occupation employees as well as a significant number of professionals and managers.  

Living in Sorrento

Sorrento is thought of as an ideal place to live and raise children. The locals are welcoming and the suburb has small town charm, giving you an impression that a peaceful and flourishing life awaits you should you join the residents who call it home. It is complete with all the amenities that you would look for in a family friendly suburb. There are businesses which need all types of skills, schools where your children can get quality education, clinics and hospitals that will provide you healthcare and recreational facilities where you can spend quality time with your family during your spare time. You wont be too far from the action as the suburb is just under an hour away from Peth, the capital city of Western Australia. You can easily get around as it is served by hundreds of buses and the Warwick and Whitford train stations. The parks and the beaches will allow you to engage in different fun activities.

If you want to live in a nice, thriving suburb without the hassle of fast-paced city life, there is no other place like Sorrento. For all you know, this may be the community that you are looking for.