Get Ready for the New Year with a 2013 Fridge Magnet Calendar from Sorrento Living

Sorrento Living 2013 Calendar

For the past month I have been hand delivering my 2013 fridge magnet calendar to all of Sorrento. I usually do this on my morning walks so it is keeping me active and I get some work done while saving money on stamps.

However, sometimes things can magically grow legs and disappear and you may not have received one. Please do not feel left out and let me know if your calendar grew legs and you would like one.

Simply fill out the form on this page and before you know it, you will have one in your hot little hands.

Just stick it on your fridge and you will never forget what day or month it is and it will tell you when the school holidays are and when they go back.

Think of it as my little Christmas Gift to you!