Inviting you to sit on “my bench” in Seacrest Drive and watch the events in the park

Hey! I have a couple things to say:

I got a seat ad. Drive by and look at it. I am promoting my and also what I do best: sell Real Estate for Acton Coastal.

Working at Acton Coastal has been a great experience for me in all these years working in Real Estate.

Again we are going for lunch today at the “boss” expense as we all performed very well for February. Even though I had a fantastic Month in February it was not good enough to make myself the number one. We are all doing so well.


Interest rates on hold and lots of first home buyers out to buy. Also the second buyers are starting to appear.

Investors are still a bit shy of the market but some astute investors are reconising that is too good not to miss the opportunity to buy now.

I am an investor and I am just about ready to jump onto another one!

And I am almost betting that next Month interest rates will still be on hold once more. I think our economy is doing pretty well at present and a hike on interest rates can mess up our healthy economy.