September Sorrento Statistics. Find out what happened in the Sorrento Real Estate Market

Sorrento Living Property Market Statistics

Another month has just flown by and we have already entered into October. The month of Halloween and the countdown to Christmas and the New Year is mere months away.

I have had a wonderful year so far and look forward to the months still ahead but I still like to know and like to tell what happened in the Real Estate Market in Sorrento.

Take a look at the market statistics for September.

September Listings

NoStreetTypeB / BCurrent PriceDays
9ACombe PlaceHouse4 / 3$780,000 - $820,00030Peard Real Estate Hillarys
17High StreetHouse4 / 2From $1,345,00020Peard Real Estate Hillarys
26Lesueur RiseHouse4 / 2OFFERS9ACTON Coastal
38Raleigh RoadHouse3 / 1Offers9Peard Real Estate Hillarys

Available Properties

NoStreetTypeB / BCurrent PriceDays
Lot 704/108114 High StreetLand0 / 0$599,0001Peard Real Estate Hillarys
3Whiting CourtHouse4 / 2$835,0001St Ives Sales
26Lesueur RiseHouse4 / 2OFFERS9ACTON Coastal
38Raleigh RoadHouse3 / 1Offers9Peard Real Estate Hillarys
17High StreetHouse4 / 2From $1,345,00020Peard Real Estate Hillarys
9ACombe PlaceHouse4 / 3$780,000 - $820,00030Peard Real Estate Hillarys
30Marine TerraceLand0 / 0From $795,00034Peard Real Estate Hillarys
63Ashmore WayHouse4 / 2ALL OFFERS by 4th Octob35Space Real Estate
25Hood TerraceHouse4 / 2$1,600,00036Realmark Coastal
26Hocking ParadeHouse0 / 0From $1,750,00037Peard Real Estate Hillarys
75Seacrest DriveHouse4 / 2From $995,00044Peard Real Estate Hillarys
32Porteous RoadHouse5 / 3Price From $87000048Limnios Property Group
120/7Harman RoadApartment1 / 1$165,00051Peard Real Estate Hillarys
53/160West Coast DriveTownhouse3 / 3From $1.025M57Peard Real Estate Hillarys
House4 / 2Mid $1M58Davey Real Estate
22Bennetts PlaceHouse4 / 2$1,499,00072ACTON Coastal
18Porteous RoadHouse4 / 3$1,275,000 - $1,345,00076Harber Real Estate
3Bahama CloseHouse4 / 3From $1,395,00093Renouf Real Estate
10Manakoora RiseHouse5 / 3$2,170,00093Renouf Real Estate
4Anaconda PlaceHouse4 / 4From $1,129,00097Renouf Real Estate
14/160West Coast DriveTownhouse3 / 2From $1,050,00098Peard Real Estate Hillarys
11AGeordie RiseHouse3 / 2From $1,050,000114Peard Real Estate Hillarys
125/1Padbury CircleUnit2 / 1Offers114Ray White North Quays
13Frobisher AvenueHouse5 / 3FROM $1,395,000132Schwenke Young & Co
142Parnell AvenueHouse4 / 2$1,085,000179Realty Executives

Properties Sold in the Last 3 Months

NoStreetTypeB / BSale PriceSale DateDays
13Frobisher AvenueHouse5 / 3(UNDER OFFER)24/09/201343Renouf Real Estate
4AJervis WayHouse3 / 2(UNDER OFFER)17/09/201312Harber Real Estate
4BShark CourtHouse3 / 2(UNDER OFFER)15/09/201313ACTON Coastal
2Edward StreetHouse3 / 2$885,0009/09/201333Davey Real Estate
64/7Harman RoadApartment3 / 1(UNDER OFFER)7/09/20134Platinum Realty Group
32Marine TerraceHouse3 / 1(UNDER OFFER)6/09/201316Peard Real Estate Hillarys
18aHood TerraceHouse4 / 3$1,670,00022/08/2013140Realmark Coastal
10Parker AvenueHouse5 / 3(UNDER OFFER)20/08/201360Peard Real Estate Hillarys
14Barranjoey WayHouse4 / 2$995,00018/08/201313Peard Real Estate Hillarys
Ross AvenueLand0 / 0$700,00016/08/2013123Realmark Coastal
4Nuytsia AvenueHouse3 / 2$775,00013/08/201326Realmark Coastal
39Angler WayHouse5 / 2$900,0006/08/201346Anreps
6Jerome AvenueHouse4 / 2(UNDER OFFER)3/08/201352Realmark Coastal
15Manakoora RiseHouse5 / 4(UNDER OFFER)31/07/201321ACTON Coastal
33Ashmore WayHouse3 / 2$1,050,00030/07/20138ACTON Coastal
18Baleine CourtHouse4 / 2$1,080,00029/07/2013Harber Real Estate
40Hocking ParadeHouse4 / 2$1,050,00029/07/20136Harber Real Estate
17aMYRTLE AVENUEHouse3 / 1$430,00025/07/20137Adrian Cocks Real Estate
4Ledge PlaceHouse5 / 2$1,975,00022/07/201361Renouf Real Estate
2/7Harman RoadApartment3 / 1$017/07/201389Homestead Realty
14High StreetHouse4 / 2$1,575,00013/07/2013128ACTON Coastal
41High StreetHouse4 / 3$970,00013/07/201377Ray White North Quays
1Seaward LoopHouse4 / 2$1,220,0008/07/2013ACTON Coastal
Land0 / 0$712,0002/07/201371Flick United
17Hovea AvenueHouse4 / 1$780,0001/07/20136Peard Real Estate Hillarys
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