Vodafone 4G coverage is now readily available in Sorrento

So what does this mean you ask? Well I am not totally up to date with all this technology jargon so I asked my son what it all means and so I am updating you, well for those that don’t know either.

In a nutshell, the Vodafone network have now boosted the network coverage to Sorrento to 4G but before you get excited you must have a 4G capable handset like the Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy.

So if you do have a handset that has 4G capabilities you will now have faster speeds and an overall better internet experience.

All those addictive Candy Crush games, Angry Birds, music downloading and also surfing the web and downloading emails and making and receiving calls will be done at a much faster speed.

If you don’t live in Sorrento, you can check if your suburb is up with the latest and greatest technology by checking the Vodafone website and inputting your address. You can also learn more about 4G from their FAQ.

I can now play Sudoku even faster…