You’ve heard of a clean slate, well how about a clean seat?

As you know my office has changed companies and with that along comes changes to all my home open signs, for sale signs and all marketing equipment including my Bus Seat!

This means I get a brand new clean seat with a new face that is slightly touched up and makes me look a little younger which I cant complain about.

You can drive by my seat and wave if your in the area on Seacrest Drive, Sorrento near the entrance to the carpark of the park.

Same location, in North Beach where I like to operate from but I still have the same office and mobile number and the same address but I do have a new email address which is

Drop me an email sometime!


  1. elizabeth iloski said:

    Good on you Alycee,
    I’ll drive by when I’m in the area & check it out. Next you’ll be getting a gold star on the pavement (Hollywood???) with your name on it. All the best in your new office & for the New Year.

    Sam & Elizabeth Iloski
    Koala Bedding Discounters, Wangara