Spring brings all things creepy crawly and woods worst nightmare …… Termites!

Over the next few months both home owners and tenants should keep their eyes peeled for termite activity in and around the house because early Spring is when they are on the look out for their new home.

Termites start to scout for food and new housing around this time of the year with all the moisture in the air and the temperature starting to rise with Summer on it’s way, making it ideal for re colonising.

Here is some tips to discourage Termites from using your home as their new nest

  • Termites are attracted to wood, so remove potential termite food such as old stumps, timber stack and building refuse away from your home
  • Remove all waste timber from construction activities that is left in place or stored under the house
  • Use treated or naturally resistant timber when it is in contact with, or close to, soil
  • Fix leaking water pipes, drains, showers, sinks etc, plus capture water from air conditioning units as termites are attracted to water
  • Termites prefer humid conditions, so keep air under the house dry by improving sub-floor ventilation, drainage and access
  • Termites cannot chew through properly laid concrete, so ensure concrete slab is properly designed, compacted, and cured
  • Termite colonies can sometimes be located – it is possible to eliminate colonies by killing the reproductives (the queen and the king).

Regular inspections are the most important part of controlling termites before they do any damage so call your local Pest Inspection company or give me a call for a referral.