This is Natalie Riga and she is a painter that you can find in my Business Directory section

Natalie is a very nice young lady who is a professional painter with all the necessary Australian certificates. And she is very good at her job.

I am proud to have Natalie in my Business Directory because she is proud of she does and she does well.

At present Natalie is preparing a property in Sorrento that is coming to the market very soon and you can come and view the job that she performed in this home.

I met Natalie through her parents when I sold their home. As you all know I like to be able to help ever tradespeople that I come across and when I know they do a good job I like to refer them to others.

All the tradespeople I have in my Business Directory has performed some services to one or other clients and I never heard bad reviews from any of my clients. So they are good professionals that you can trust.