When is a good time to buy property? The answer is NOW!

Have you ever heard of the old man that is always waiting for the price to go down and never bought anything. Procrastinate and still paying rent.

Well don’t be like that. Buy TODAY, Let me to tell you my personal story.

Until 1995 I was travelling and living in many countries around the World until I came to settle down in this “God’s Country” as I call Australia.

My husband and I started to work hard, we got our residency permit and we were able to buy our first home here in Perth.

In 1998 I decided that it was time to invest and owe the banks and get our very own mortgage. My husband did not have the same opinion and I always waited when he was working out of the country and would find a property and buy it.

When he come home I would say: I bought a house. “Oh, God! You got ourselves in more debt.” He would say.

Through his and my hard work we kept paying the mortgages, got some rental income to cover some of the expenses plus the Tax Man was generous after all our deductions and I was always eager to buy more and still doing so today.

Mind you I am very cautious buying only what we can afford to pay for.

I bought properties in Hillarys for $146,000 in 1998. If I had waited for the prices to come down I would not have anything today.Do you know of homes in Hillarys worth $146,000 today? The market value would be $700,000.

I will tell you, prices do go down but you have to hold on to your property to have a real growth. Buying “bricks and mortar” is a long term investment.

Be sensible, buy today and every time you think you can increase your expenses without putting a burden in your family.

There are great deals out there. Go and look for it! Buy and create your portfolio. We started late in life but we still can enjoy our earnings.

It is never late to start. Don’t wait until you are too old to enjoy life!

Buy NOW!