10 ‘Must do’ tips before your sell your home in Sorrento

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Must Do Preparations to guide you through a basic maintenance checklist. It covers everything from a coat of fresh paint on the walls to keeping counter tops and other surfaces clutter free.

These items will help you get the best result for your home

  1. Re mulch the gardens with black or dark brown mulch to frame the lawn and plants and give it an orderly look.
  2. Get your lawn in shape by watering and fertilizing to make it green.  This will be a good time to ensure that your sprinkler is in working order.  Be sure to repair any broken sprinkler heads and clear any blocked ones by
  3. De-clutter your home by removing non-essentials. Clean off counter tops and eliminate piles of anything.
  4. De-personalise your home by replacing family photos with simple landscapes or other art.
  5. Replace any blown light bulbs and repair any broken light fittings.
  6. Install mains powered smoke detectors to all sleeping hallway zones. If all bedrooms are together then one is required and if the home has two or three different areas for the bedrooms then each zone needs a mains powered smoke detectors.
  7. Give the house a really good clean and enlist everyone’s help to keep it that way throughout the sales process. Consider hiring a commercial cleaner to give the house a sparkling clean.
  8. Touch up any damaged walls with filler and paint.
  9. Ensure the property has 2 RCD’s installed.
  10. Clean out all closets and organize their contents. Store un-needed items such as out-of-season clothing to make closets appear large.