My beloved Sorrento listed in the 10th worst performers in the last quarter

I read in the West Australian that my beloved Sorrento is listed in the 10th worst performers in the last quarter and I just can’t believe it.

Usually I have nothing but positive things to tell you about Sorrento but it seems that “on paper”, it doesn’t look good but in theory I beg to differ.

Last weekend due to the strategy I used I got over 30 groups through my home opens on Saturday and Sunday at 64 Clontarf Street, Sorrento.

I have had a lot of really strong interest and I am expecting to write a couple offers this week.

So how come there are so many buyers around?

It seems to me that these buyers do not agree with the stats either and that now is the perfect time to sell and snap up the buyers that know that Sorrento is a good suburb to buy in before everyone else!

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