September 2012 Sorrento Real Estate Property Listings and Sales Update

Sorrento Living Property Market Statistics

A lot of people ask me about Real Estate in Sorrento, what has listed, sold, prices, what do I think their house is worth and I love helping people and answering their questions and I hope it never stops.

I have decided to send out a monthly market update with the latest property statistics for Sorrento so that you can see what is going on in the Property Market.

We have already had 6 new listings this month and their are currently 43 properties available to buy in Sorrento.

Please feel free to contact me personally to ask any questions or simply ask a question in the comments box below.

Latest Listings

NoStreetSuburbTypeB / BCurrent PriceList DateDays
1Glomar RiseSorrentoHouse4 / 2From $1,240,00003-Oct-121Peard & Associates Real Estate
3Grenville AvenueSorrentoHouse4 / 2Auction03-Oct-121Peter Bruhn & Associates
19Haynes RoadSorrentoHouse4 / 2$919,000-$959,00003-Oct-121Harber Real Estate
17BParker AvenueSorrentoLand0 / 0Auction03-Oct-121Harber Real Estate
18Pearl StreetSorrentoHouse4 / 2$849,000 - $879,00002-Oct-122Peard & Associates Real Estate
/4Ross AvenueSorrentoHouse5 / 0$1,595,000-$1,695,00001-Oct-123Peard & Associates Real Estate

Available Properties

NoStreetSuburbTypeB / BCurrent PriceDays on MktAgency
46Albacore DriveSorrentoHouse4 / 2OFFERS17Ray White North Quays
3Combe PlaceSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,550,00031Peard & Associates Real Estate
2ACowper RoadSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,295,000 - $1,350,00048Peard & Associates Real Estate
40Cowper RoadSorrentoHouse4 / 2$875,00083Zoo Property
17Delambre PlaceSorrentoHouse4 / 4$1,790,000170Realty Executives
19Elfreda AvenueSorrentoHouse5 / 3$899,000-$969,000140Harber Real Estate
13Frobisher AvenueSorrentoHouse5 / 3Fr $1,295,00093Acton Coastal
1Glomar RiseSorrentoHouse4 / 2From $1,240,0001Peard & Associates Real Estate
3Grenville AvenueSorrentoHouse4 / 2Auction1Peter Bruhn & Associates
2/7Harman RdSorrentoVilla3 / 1$345,00016Ray White North Quays
89/7Harman RoadSorrentoVilla3 / 1$38500050Homestead Realty
72/7Harman RoadSorrentoVilla3 / 1From $38900015Professionals Executive Coastal
157/7Harman RoadSorrentoHouse1 / 1From $245,00016Ray White North Quays
67/Harman RoadSorrentoSeniors Housing3 / 1$385,00020Seniors Own Real Estate
19Haynes RoadSorrentoHouse4 / 2$919,000-$959,0001Harber Real Estate
7Hermite RiseSorrentoHouse5 / 3$1,350,000145Collett Realty
2High StreetSorrentoLand3 / 1Offers78Andrew Murray Real Estate
50High StreetSorrentoHouse5 / 2$1,150,000-$1,250,00037Peard & Associates Real Estate
17High StreetSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,269,000-$1,299,00086Peard & Associates Real Estate
60High StreetSorrentoHouse3 / 1From $750,000184Ray White North Quays
68High StreetSorrentoHouse4 / 3From $995,00042Realmark
12aHocking ParadeSorrentoDuplex3 / 1SET DATE SALE:26.09.1233Realmark
4bHood TerraceSorrentoLand0 / 0From $749,00070Realmark
1Keans AvenueSorrentoHouse3 / 4$1,275,00066ACTON Applecross
3Keans AvenueSorrentoHouse4 / 3$1,950,00038Michael Johnson & Company
28Lesueur RiseSorrentoHouse5 / 2$939,000-$999,0009Harber Real Estate
57Marine TerraceSorrentoHouse4 / 2$949,000 - $969,0009Peard Scarborough
31 AMyrtle AvenueSorrentoLand0 / 0$479,000-$529,00043Harber Real Estate
119/1Padbury CircleSorrentoVilla2 / 1$289,000 +121Ray White North Quays
17BParker AvenueSorrentoLand0 / 0Auction1Harber Real Estate
7Parker AvenueSorrentoHouse3 / 1From $1,100,00050Realmark
39Pearl StreetSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,399,000-$1,475,000112Harber Real Estate
18Pearl StreetSorrentoHouse4 / 2$849,000 - $879,0002Peard & Associates Real Estate
/37Raleigh RoadSorrentoHouse4 / 2$995,000-$1,095,0008Peard & Associates Real Estate
Lot 2, 36RALEIGH ROADSorrentoLand0 / 0From $62500057Peter Bruhn & Associates
5Ray CourtSorrentoHouse5 / 2$939,000-$989,00030Harber Real Estate
/4Ross AvenueSorrentoHouse5 / 0$1,595,000-$1,695,0003Peard & Associates Real Estate
/150Seacrest DriveSorrentoHouse4 / 2Offers24Acton Coastal
70Seacrest DriveSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,150,000-$1,200,000336Realty Executives
63Seaward LoopSorrentoLand0 / 0$1,100,000231Peard & Associates Real Estate
8Templetonia AvenueSorrentoHouse3 / 2$749,000-$779,000239Harber Real Estate
81/160West Coast HighwaySorrentoHouse4 / 3Offers from $1,250,000268Ray White North Quays
101SorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,169,000-$1,199,00030Harber Real Estate

Properties Sold in the Last 6 Months

NoStreetSuburbTypeB ed/ BathSale PriceSale DateDays on MktAgency
19Ashmore WaySorrentoHouse4 / 3(UNDER OFFER)29-Sep-1236Realmark
3Ashmore WaySorrentoLand0 / 0(UNDER OFFER)21-Sep-120Peard & Associates Real Estate
163/7Harman RoadSorrentoVilla1 / 1(UNDER OFFER)21-Sep-1278Ray White North Quays
4Floribunda AvenueSorrentoHouse4 / 2(UNDER OFFER)21-Sep-1230Realmark West
37Raleigh RoadSorrentoHouse4 / 2(UNDER OFFER)18-Sep-1254Peard & Associates Real Estate
34Cowper RoadSorrentoHouse3 / 1(UNDER OFFER)17-Sep-1227Realmark North Coastal
8Minden RiseSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,210,00012-Sep-1256David Evans Real Estate
150Seacrest DriveSorrentoHouse3 / 2$801,00008-Sep-1225Acton Coastal
16Albacore DriveSorrentoHouse4 / 2$870,00006-Sep-1229Realmark
31Myrtle AvenueSorrentoHouse4 / 1(UNDER OFFER)29-Aug-127Harber Real Estate
78/1Padbury CircleSorrentoApartment1 / 1$225,00028-Aug-1212L.J. Hooker Scarborough
109/7Harman RoadSorrentoVilla3 / 1$350,00011-Aug-1259Ray White North Quays
12/7Harman RoadSorrentoVilla2 / 1$300,00029-Jul-12153Ray White North Quays
12bKeans AvenueSorrentoHouse3 / 1$546,00026-Jul-1224Davey Real Estate
5Barracuda CourtSorrentoHouse4 / 2$835,00008-Jul-12229Harber Real Estate
11Lacrosse RiseSorrentoHouse4 / 3$1,450,00007-Jul-1231Acton Coastal
27Minden RiseSorrentoHouse5 / 2$1,100,00002-Jul-12107Oceanside Realty
4Trout CourtSorrentoLand0 / 0$802,00001-Jul-1245Peard Cox Real Estate
40Lacepede DriveSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,430,00030-Jun-12206Oceanside Realty
101aCliff StreetSorrentoHouse4 / 3$1,610,00027-Jun-1219Renouf Real Estate
7Bennetts PlaceSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,192,00026-Jun-12201Harber Real Estate
10De Rouen RiseSorrentoHouse3 / 2$740,00018-Jun-1261Peard & Associates Real Estate
4Lacepede DriveSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,200,00015-Jun-1250Acton Coastal
9Kempenfeldt AvenueSorrentoHouse3 / 1$760,00015-Jun-12150O'Rourke Realty Investments
1AHamersley RoadSorrentoHouse2 / 1$680,00011-Jun-1242Davey Real Estate
3Seacrest DriveSorrentoHouse4 / 2$685,00001-Jun-1238Peard & Associates Real Estate
145/7Harman RoadSorrentoApartment1 / 1$130,00030-May-12148Ray White North Quays
15Characin CourtSorrentoHouse5 / 3$910,00028-May-1297Peard & Associates Real Estate
156/7Harman RoadSorrentoVilla1 / 1$220,00028-May-12332Ray White North Quays
64Kempenfeldt AvenueSorrentoHouse4 / 3$812,50015-May-12246Altitude Real Estate
27Elfreda AvenueSorrentoHouse4 / 2$660,00015-May-1256Peard & Associates Real Estate
51Ashmore WaySorrentoHouse5 / 2$1,010,00014-May-1214Realmark
29Justin DriveSorrentoHouse3 / 1$665,00012-May-1211L.J. Hooker City Residential
39High StreetSorrentoHouse4 / 2$790,00011-May-1218Adrian Cocks Real Estate
1Lacepede DriveSorrentoHouse3 / 2$777,55009-May-1257Peard & Associates Real Estate
35Baleine CourtSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,535,00009-May-1244Realmark
17APearl StreetSorrentoHouse3 / 1$517,50006-May-1251Acton Coastal
148Seacrest DriveSorrentoHouse5 / 2$900,00006-May-1217Harber Real Estate
47St Helier DriveSorrentoHouse4 / 2$917,50027-Apr-12186Darrell Crouch & Associates Pty Ltd
15Frobisher AvenueSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,125,00027-Apr-1214Renouf Real Estate
1aHood TerraceSorrentoHouse5 / 4$1,490,00027-Apr-1284Renouf Real Estate
86Seaward LoopSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,140,00023-Apr-1282Realmark
2/12Parker AvenueSorrentoHouse4 / 2$710,00016-Apr-1231Davey Real Estate
51Clontarf Street (Settled 21/05SorrentoHouse3 / 2$999,95003-Apr-12109RE/MAX Extreme
131/7Harman RoadSorrentoHouse1 / 1$230,00003-Apr-12316Ray White North Quays
134Seacrest DriveSorrentoHouse5 / 3$1,055,00002-Apr-1218Peard & Associates Real Estate
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