Sacred Heart College

Sacred Heart College Sorrento on West Coast Drive building-4This school is Catholic private learning institution that caters to students who are in their Year 7 to 12. It was built by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions in 1967. This association was formed in 1897 and has put up schools in different parts of Western Australia like Fremantle and Highgate. It was an all-girl school at first until 1977 when it saw the need to enrol young boys. It holds an average of 1,200 students per year. Sacred Heart College instil religious values and guide their students into holistic development. One of its aims is to help each child to realise and utilise all his potential for the benefit of the greater good and of themselves. It provides a Christ-centred community for each and everyone. Its curriculum is founded in Christian values as well and promotes excellence and flaming desire for lifelong learning.