Sorrento Primary School

Sorrento Primary School Sign Elfreda Ave This primary school caters to pre-primary to year 7 students. This institution has been catering the residents of the suburb for more than forty years. A roster of competitive staffs has been employed to impart knowledge and instil good values to the students. Aside from being characterised by pastoral care, the school is proud that they are in cooperation with the parents in providing holistic growth to the kids. With their effective curriculum, the students will be academically proficient. Different extra –curricular activities such as instrumental program in clarinet and fitness program are also offered in order to further hone the creative and other skills that the students may have. In addition, Sorrento Primary School have been implementing different programs that will make the kids sociable like excursions and class friendship program wherein a student will accompany a “buddy” who is in another year level during certain times in-between school hours.