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My first home in Australia has become a pile of rubble but I can’t wait to see how it ends up…

When I moved to Australia from Canada all those many years ago, one of the first homes my family and I moved into was located at 39 Clontarf Street, Sorrento.

Just days ago as I was driving by that same house, I noticed that it’s no longer a house but has been bulldozed and is a pile of rubble.

I have watched many houses in Sorrento turn from rubble into beautiful brand new homes but I have never been more excited to see what one will turn into more than this one.

So stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted as I drive by and see the progress.

Did you see it go from house to block on St Helier corner?

If you live in Sorrento or pass through it on a regular basis then you start to become accustomed to the houses that you pass and sometimes notice when things have changed.

I got a big shock when I was driving down Lacepede and went to turn onto St Helier Drive to find that the house that was on the corner is no longer there. It was just a clean vacant block with a huge machine just sitting on it.

It’s amazing how quickly you can knock houses down these days, I have seen it many times along West Coast Highway too and watched as new houses were starting to build.

I’m sure we can expect a beautiful home be built on the corner of St Helier and Lacepede and I can’t wait to see the finished product so let’s keep an eye out!