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African Heritage, a lovely new store at Duncraig Shopping Village

I was introduced to this store called African Heritage by my South African friend, helper and future client Sue Van Vuuren who is from South Africa. Not difficult to figure that out, eh! But she will be soon an Aussie.

One day for morning tea Sue bought in a Milk tart and it was Wow, totally divine that I had to “steal” another slice it was so good.

When I visited African Heritage myself, I met the owner Margie who recognised me as I have sold her a house 15 years ago. Naughty me that have not been in touch. Luckily the purchase was so good that she is still in the same house, will definitely keep in touch from now on.

They have a variety of goodies,  ( I wish I had not found that Store but glad to have met my old seller again) such as:

Biltong, Drywors, Boerwors, Pork Sausage “Eskort”, Hamburger Patti and few other stuff plus delicious tarts made in the back of the store.

You have to go there. Or don’t if the case maybe. I shouldn’t but I am hooked now!

I took a Milk Tart to my usual S.I.N.ers lunch and they all LLLLOOOVVVEEEDD it!

Jump onto their African Heritage website or you can find African Heritage  at Shop 18, Duncraig Shopping Centre, 50 Marri Road, Duncraig (The old Chicken Treat store in the car park).

I have so many beautiful and talented friends and Belinda Wilkinson is no exception.

A past client who I helped to buy a house Belinda Wilkinson, is a reporter for Channel 7’s Today Tonight and is back in Perth after working for Channel 7 in Sydney.

I’m a WA girl, moved to Sydney with Ch7, came back to buy a property within five days. Found you. Amazingly patient. You asked the right questions and knew what I was looking for and understood my time constraints. We raced around like headless chooks but found the best bargain house. It was right below our nose and we couldn’t believe our luck!

I’m back in Perth reporting for Ch7 and I’m in the process of renovating that place now. I will look back to a property around North Beach for that coastal lifestyle I love, and hope to settle in.

I’ll be calling you very soon Alycee…..let’s do it again!

It makes me very proud to love what I do!

A journey to become a new Australian Citizen

My friend and  sales PA, Sue is going to become an Australian citizen and I’m excited to be there with her throughout her journey.

Maybe she reminds me of my excitement when I became a citizen in 2000 with my daughter Nikky and Merv only just last year.

Here is what Sue sent to her friends and family.

“In the next few days we will be going through the final stages of our Australian citizenship – what a long time it’s taken, and what a journey of friendship and discovery its been!

On Thursday morning, we will be visiting the Department of Immigration to write our citizenship test, and thereafter we will be advised of our citizenship ceremony.

This is undoubtedly the greatest gift we could ever have given to our boys!”

We are all very proud to be Aussies!

Step into the world of art and attend the Wanneroo Joondalup Art Society’s newest Exhibition

On Friday 12th September the Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club will hold the bewest exhibition for the Wanneroo Joondalup Art Society.

My friend Celeste, who won the WA Society of Art’s prestigious Victor Felstead Award last year for the best overall exhibition entry will be showcasing her latest work which can be won as a door prize when you buy a $2 raffle ticket which will be drawn Sunday 15th September at 5:00pm.

Commencing at 7pm, head on down to not only look and admire all the art but buy some for your home.

It also runs on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am – 5:00pm at 89 West Coast Drive, Sorrento,WA 6020.

You could win an original Celeste Heilbronn artwork!

My very dear friend’s husband was awarded the Clunies Ross Award for Innovation

At the 2014 ATSE Clunies Ross Awards 11 Aussie innovators join the likes of Fiona Wood, who invented spay-on skin for burn victims.

At a Gala Ball in Perth on 21st May one of my very dear friend’s husband was awarded the Clunies Ross Award for Innovation.

Professor Michael Tobar, husband of my friend Virginia along with Professor Eugene Ivanov of the Western Australia University, over the past 20 years, have developed the world’s quietest noise oscillators.

The oscillators have been used in laboratories worldwide and enabled modern atomic clocks to keep time with unprecedented accuracy. The technology has been purchased for anything from fundamental research, meteorology, high-tech communications and defence.

And I am very proud to say that I know this very genius of a man and give him the biggest of congratulations.

Calling all House Sitters? I have a client who needs their home looked after!

A client of mine has asked me to help find them a house sitter for their up and coming trip. They have gone away and used a house sitter on many occasions but their usual sitter who I put in contact with last time is no longer available.

They will need a house sitter in November from the 9th to the 26th so if you are or know somebody that is a regular house sitter, I would love to hear from them.

Please feel free to pass along my details and call me on 0416 188 752 or email me at



The winner of Best in Show at the West Australian Society of Arts Inc 117th Annual Exhibition is my friend

Held at “The Palms” in Subiaco on Friday 17th May showcasing original artworks of acrylic, digital art, mixed media, oil, pastel and drawing, printmaking, sculpture and watercolour.

I am very proud of my friend Celeste Heilbronn for winning “best in show” overall at the West Australian Society of Arts Inc’s 117th Annual Exhibition and received a Certificate, Ribbon and $500.

Congratulations on your achievement and I wish you all the best in your future creative work.

Saying Goodbye to a family’s best friend Spot after 16 years of doggy love

Sadly on Tuesday my husband Mike and I had to say goodbye to our family dog Spot of 16 years. As sad as it was, it really was time for him to go as he was getting too old to do anything for himself and we did not want to see him suffer any longer.

When the kids, Merv and Nikky were growing up he was their best friend and we all loved him dearly. He was a Kelpie Crossed something and we think it was Bully because of the pink nose but still unsure to this day. But it didn’t matter to us as we loved him anyway.

For the past 10 years he has lived with my son Merv and girlfriend Toni and gained brothers in other dogs Diesel and Micro. Merv & Toni went away 6 months ago and Spot came back to the family home with Diesel until they were to return but unfortunately Spot did not make it.

His best mate Diesel will miss him but is getting walked daily and will get some extra love and I think he understands that he is now alone.

Spot loved running, going for walks (sometimes by himself), going to Sorrento beach (also by himself), hanging out with Mike and the kids and playing with other dogs.

He was a lot of fun and has left a lot of memories behind and will be missed dearly by all of us.