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I have a baby in the house…

My house looks like a playground now that my daughter, her hubby and baby Kai have moved in with us.

I am a Real Estate Agent and now a happy grandmother with a 6 Month old grandson to show around whenever I want now that he is in the same house.

Who knows? Soon Kai will be helping me with my “home opens”? At least he will entertain the prospective buyers with lots of smiles!

Such a bundle of joy to see him grow each day and hear all is cute little sounds. I am so lucky and proud of my little grandson.

It won’t be long now and he will have me running after him, but I can’t wait!

Remembering the old time’s while babysitting my grandson for the first time!

My daughter decided to take up a part time job doing some photography, which I have to thank her best friend for putting her onto it and as she was in the neighbourhood doing her work she asked me to look after my 3 month old Grandson, Kai Alexander the super duper most loving child that I am head over heels for.

Of course my only answer was YYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!

While it was only for just less than an hour I brushed off my Portuguese endearment words on him, sung some Brazilian songs and some French songs which really made him laugh and totally enjoyed his company.

It was an hour of pleasure, relaxation and pure novelty. And obviously I had to take a “selfie” of us.

I can’t wait to do that again! I love being a nanny!