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My Business Directory is Growing

My business directory just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I never have to go far to find anything I need ever again.

If you need someone to look at your car, paint your home or investment property, want a pamper day or just need your plumbing fixed then head over to my business directory and tell them Alycee sent you!

If you would like to add yourself or your business to my business directory just jump to the Business Directory page and fill out the form with as much detail as you can.

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Cleaning out your pipes using current technology could save you money

The other day I got a call from my property manager saying that I would have to call a plumber again for the fourth time in 2 months to fix a blocked toilet in one of my investment properties.

I called Mal Howse who is in my business directory and he suggested that I spend some extra money and call Matt Dorington who use’s a special camera that has “tunnel vision” to find the problem.

Matt did his job and sent his camera down the pipes and also quoted on the job to repair it and due to the cost being a few thousand dollars and the depth they would have to go to dig  and fix the problem Matt had to send the video to the Water Corporation to ask permission to do the job as it was close to the Council’s pipes.

Today I got the best surprise in my life!

After inspecting the video the Water Corporation said that they will do the job and the owner (Me!) will not be charged for it. Is this a great pressie or what?

If you are having serious blockage  issues maybe this is the way to go!

Get Matt and his magical camera to find the problem and you too could save lots of money repairing pipes over and over again!