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Just got back from a quick 6 day trip to Schenzen, China and had the time of my life!

Lilin a friend and also a real estate client, insisted that I hop on a plane, travel thousands of kilometres to a foreign country, stay and visit here home in Shenzhen, China.

What do I do? Book a ticket as I love to travel and see new places and add another stamp in my passport. Well having already visited China in the past I won’t get another stamp but oh well, China here I come… again!

My travel partner Meyan and I left Perth and flew to Honk Kong and were greeted by Lilin’s Driver who took us directly to her home in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is a very beautiful city with many fabulous restaurants filled with culture and it is so very clean. They have many upper class boutique shops with famous designers from around the world.

Shenzhen prices surprised me and I was not expecting them to be so expensive. Often I felt that Australian prices seamed reasonable in many cases.

The food was fabulous and did my best to experiment with a lot of different foods and delicacies.

My hosts treated me like royalty and they took me everywhere for lunch, diners and to see the sights in Shenzhen.

Its a small world, after selling so many houses over the years in Perth to Chinese families, was invited to sample more wonderful food by other Perth clients for lunch and dinner.

Chinese hospitality is wonderful and I thought Brazilians were the best hosts (perhaps being Brazilian makes me biased), but the Chinese are a true rival for them in hospitality.

While in Hong Kong I stayed at the Regal Airport Hotel which was connected to the Airport by a bridge. My mother in law was in Perth for the past month and on her way home to Canada and we planned to meet in Hong Kong to break up her long flights.

I went to pick her up at the terminal on her arrival, to find out that she had the royal treatment and was already dropped off at the hotel. Lucky her.

We spent the few hours we had together using the Hotel Shuttle bus that regularly takes guests to the nearby Shopping Centres all around Kowloon.

Now back in Perth and ready to sell some more homes, one which has just come on the market as I touched down in Parnell Ave.

In the meantime will be planning a trip to Phillipines with a friend in August for my birthday and this time I’ll be able to experience a new country and add another stamp in my passport!

Money for funeral or holidays? Neither…

I have been collecting coins for the last 4 to 5 years and any change I have I put in this large “piggy bank can”.

I have a can for each coin, $1 and $2 coins, a can for $0.50c, $0.20c another for $0.10c and one for $0.05c.

My husband also empties his pockets and distributes his change the cans.

I usually say: “this is funeral money. In case that I kick my boots and until the family get a hold of some cash this is the place to go in an emergency or it is also good for a holiday.”

Last week I had some coins to distribute around the cans and noticed that the can with $1 and $2 were full.

So we decided to count the money and I felt like the uncle Donald Duck counting all that gold.

The can weigh 14.5 kilos and it was a big surprise to find that the cans were holding $3000.

Maybe you can do that too. Just empty your pockets and forget about it, then voila! you have a free holiday ahead of you!

As I don’t need it for a funeral, just now I put it to good use: paid bills.

Sorry the story ending isn’t so exciting but I feel relieved getting rid of some of my bills.

I’m away but have left everything in very capable hands. Come and Meet her at this weeks home open

Sue Van Vuuren, a work colleague of mine is very graciously helping me out while I am away on holiday visiting my friends and family.

Sue is South African and lives very close to me and is very passionate about real estate just like me and I feel very confident leaving my sellers and buyers in her very capable hands.

She will take care of settlements, final inspections, building inspections, white ant inspections and all the bits and pieces in between.

If you have any questions or would like to view a property please call Sue on 0468 625 626

Here are the home opens for this weekend. Come meet Sue!

Sue Van Vuuren


Open for Inspection this Saturday in Sorrento

As the last weekend in May approaches  and the cold weather is starting to set in, I luckily am heading off for warmer places on a holiday with my husband overseas to visit some family.

I would however, love to sell this beautiful property in Sorrento before I left to make my sellers very happy.

Here is where you can find me at this beautiful home!


Are you looking for Trusted House Sitters?

Frank & Pamela Jarnet are trustworthy, happily married, recently retired seniors who love to house sit.

Responsible, trustworthy, seniors, non-smokers who are house proud, will care for your pets, your home and your garden, and are flexible with regards to the house sit period.

We are a recently retired business couple. Aged 63 and 72, mentally alert & physically active.

Our interests are varied… books, music, movies, gardening, sciences, current affairs and we have enjoyed renovating and decorating houses.

Up until recently we owned our own home on the gold coast where for the past 20 (plus) years have owned and managed our own IT and computer business.

We love animals and you can be sure we will take excellent care of your pets and spoil them, as though they were our own.

We are home bodies and have always lived in beautiful homes with nice surroundings ourselves, so you can leave your home & garden in our care and be assured that on your return everything will be just as you left it. So if you think we might enjoy house & pet sitting in your home then please, we would love to hear from you.

We have police clearance checks and references for your peace of mind.

So if you have been thinking about going away but worried about leaving your home behind, I don’t think two people could be more perfect for the job!

Find out more from their profile at or give them a call or send an email.

Frank & Pamela Jarnet
Mobile:  0412 143 930

Calling all House Sitters? I have a client who needs their home looked after!

A client of mine has asked me to help find them a house sitter for their up and coming trip. They have gone away and used a house sitter on many occasions but their usual sitter who I put in contact with last time is no longer available.

They will need a house sitter in November from the 9th to the 26th so if you are or know somebody that is a regular house sitter, I would love to hear from them.

Please feel free to pass along my details and call me on 0416 188 752 or email me at



My holiday is fast approaching and I am really excited so I have decided to throw a little business into it

Adrenaline is still running high from a successful real estate week just when I am ready to go for my well-deserved 2 weeks holidays starting on 9th of August to Kuala Lumpur, China and Vietnam.

It has now turned into a working holiday as I am meeting with some Chinese Business Men looking to purchase properties in Perth in September/October.

They are looking for houses on big blocks (800sqm +) with ocean views so if your house fits into this category and your thinking of selling, I may already have the perfect buyer for you.

Just email me, call me or send me your details and I will contact you and give you any further details you require and I will fill you in when I return!

Stalking my kids all the way to Italy as they left home for their holidays and I was missing them too much

We arrived in Italy at my sister in laws doorstep unexpectedly. When Jojo open the door, surprised with the door bell ringing as everyone usually just goes to the back door unannounced, she was stunned, pleasant and welcome look at her face when she spotted us.

That was the most amazing feeling. My husband soon asked: can we borrow a cup of sugar? We laugh and cried so hard that my daughter and husband, my son and girl friend and Jojo’s children came to see all the commotion. Why is everyone laughing?

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