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I am old but my brain is rejuvenated with technology! I am young again…I wish!

Well, I love gadgets, I love my iPhone and I love my Apps!

I only do my Banking online and I cannot survive without my Groups app that has my database categorized for their needs, birthdays, anniversaries, etc, just like any of the systems used by all Real Estate Agencies, except mine is on my beloved iPhone and always in my hand!

My “key ring” app that carries my most used 50 cards from all the shops I use such as Flybuys, Rewards cards etc etc. All my cards in my iPhone.

I could not remember 200 passwords, can you? I have “password 1” that has all my passwords to remind me what they are.

And my phone is a wizard , I send a message to someone at the same time they are ringing me if I cannot answer.

I have an led light flash when my phone is ringing easy to find when it’s in my bag or if I leave it on silent when I am in a meeting. I never miss a call.

With the help of my son, my son’s girlfriend , Toni and my daughter Nikky I am very sophisticated when comes to using my phone.

Need help using your smart phone. I will help you for free as I am a gadget queen and enjoy doing it!

Perth is now in 3D on Apple Maps App

Apple Technology has just released 3D flyover maps for  3 cities and Perth is one of them.

If you have an Apple iPhone, open the Maps App and have a look at your house from the air in 3D, just by clicking the 3D flyover button.

You can then zoom all over Perth in 3D and even see if the neighbour has a pool.

This is a great tool for buyers or sellers that want to know what is near or around the home that your looking to buy or sell. Maybe you want to see how far the local school is, just type in the address and watch it zoom over in 3D.

This is just another reason I love my iPhone!

Hello…. Are you there? Apparently I can talk to people from the roof of my car!

A funny thing happened to me on Monday, well it was sad at the time but now when I remember I can’t help but laugh so I thought I would share it with you and give you a laugh too.

So, I’m driving along, on my way to an appointment and my phone rings through my blue tooth and I can hear “Hello… ahem hem hem…. Are you there?” which is my ring tone for those who haven’t heard it. So I think, hmmmm…. Where is my phone? I can hear it but it isn’t where it usually is.

I continue to drive and can still hear it ringing but cannot find it. Then I remember OH NO!!! it’s on the roof, right where I left it before I got in the car. So I pull over stick my head out and feel on the roof of my car but cannot find it, BUT I can still hear it. I then look in the rear vision mirror and see my shiny golden cover lying on the road and it’s still ringing! It must have thought it had wheels when it got it’s software upgrade!

I get out of my car, run to get it and pick it up and see the screen has cracked and smashed (not extremely bad) and quickly answer the call while telling the caller my phone was on the roof and went flying off and smashed and it still rings!

So I was a little sad that I have to go to Apple to replace it but they have such a good service with their Apple products that I don’t mind the laugh that it gave me!

What have you left on the roof of your car? I would love to hear that I’m not the only silly billy!

Apple Technology is giving me a belated birthday gift

I love the colour gold and anything that is gold, my rings, bracelets, watch and iPhone cover is all gold and I have even considered having my beloved red Mazda covered in gold.

Now, I was well aware that a new update for the operating system was coming thanks to Merv, my well informed IT son but today Apple revealed that not only will there be an iOS 7 update next week but they are releasing two new iPhone handsets.

One new handset called the iPhone 5c will be like the current 5 but is available in 5 bright colours but the other one (the one that excites me) is the new iPhone 5s will be an all new shiny handset with top of the range camera, speed and clarity, finger print sensor and comes in three colours, silver, space grey and yep you guessed it …. GOLD!!!!

Well my next birthday is too far away now so guess what I want for Christmas?!?



I am no IT guru but when I learn something I am always happy to pass it along

Who could ever tell that I once knew nothing about computers, mobiles and the latest technology?

I have always considered myself a “dinosaur” when it comes to technology..…but I have learnt a few things along the way.

My latest lesson is about my beloved iPhone. I love this machine and don’t know what I have ever done without it but I have decided I want to be buried with it! …just in case (You never know) …. all with a  full battery and my ever so unique ring tone: “hello, are you there?” which I am sure you have heard if you have ever been in my company.

Here is my lesson I am about to teach you!

When a call comes through and you are busy talking with someone or in a meeting or just don’t want to answer the call right then, all you need to do is just look at your phone and beside the words “answer or end” there is a picture of a phone.

Well, hold down the picture and scroll it up and it will give you a couple of choices to do with the call:

But choose “answer with a message” and it will come up with a couple more choices and you go for the first one that says: “Can’t answer right now, will call you later!” and it will send them a text with that message and also go through to voice mail so they can leave a message too.

You can add your own text but this choice is a beauty!

  • First of all you don’t lose the customer or annoy/upset someone for not answering.
  • Second, the customer is impressed by the quick response and friends and family know your busy.
  • Third, the customer, friend or family can leave a message on the voice mail or just reply to your text.

The only thing is, if it is a landline or a blocked/barred number there is no deal because you can’t text back to them.

iPhone may have to come up with something else. But you will be in contact with at least 90%+ of your calls.

Other smart phones may have the same type of thing but you have to discover how to do it which may take time but it’s so easy with the iPhone.

I teach this new trick every day to at least 1 person and I have never met anyone who knew about it except for one of my client’s that is an expert on mobiles just like my son Merv, who first taught me.

Try it out the next time you can’t take a call, you will think it is cool too, just like me!

Vodafone 4G coverage is now readily available in Sorrento

So what does this mean you ask? Well I am not totally up to date with all this technology jargon so I asked my son what it all means and so I am updating you, well for those that don’t know either.

In a nutshell, the Vodafone network have now boosted the network coverage to Sorrento to 4G but before you get excited you must have a 4G capable handset like the Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy.

So if you do have a handset that has 4G capabilities you will now have faster speeds and an overall better internet experience.

All those addictive Candy Crush games, Angry Birds, music downloading and also surfing the web and downloading emails and making and receiving calls will be done at a much faster speed.

If you don’t live in Sorrento, you can check if your suburb is up with the latest and greatest technology by checking the Vodafone website and inputting your address. You can also learn more about 4G from their FAQ.

I can now play Sudoku even faster…

Weekend Home Opens and Family Traditions

On the first day of every month, we have a tradition in my family to see who can “Pinch, Punch” every one first! Now I don’t mean physically pinch and punch someone, these days it’s usually done via SMS on our phones and with everyone in the family with an Iphone it’s really quite easy to get them all at once.

I’m usually the one to get everyone but this month it was my son’s girlfriend Toni who managed to get Merv, Nikky and Myself at just around 9am this morning. I did however notice that she missed my husband Mike, and so did Nikky so we both got him and he noticed that Toni was missing from the group so Mike got Toni but Merv got noone.

This is the fun we go through every 1st of the month and have and will continue to do so but I wonder who will get it first next month?

Do you have a family tradition that you do every month, week, or even year that is quirky, weird or funny? I’d love to hear all about it.

Here’s where I will be this weekend for home opens;