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Living and learning, I live to learn everyday

I have been meaning to call an electrician to install some power points in my house so I can put a night light on.

The fact is as we get older, walking in the dark, going to the bathroom or to the upstairs bedroom is always a challenge when you have to walk in the dark as the switches are not dual.

My electrician came and suggested instead of a night light why don’t I install a sensor in one of the lights and when someone enters the room… Voila! The light comes on.

So he installed it and I confess that is the best thing for not only the “oldies” but for everyone.

At present it’s a novelty more than a necessity but I am enjoying my new gadget just like a kid in a candy bar.

Install one of these little goodies that will help everyone in your household.

Like I said: live and learn…

Add one of these beautiful homes from my home open list to your Christmas List

Unless you could work Miracles with only 20 days until Christmas it is unlikely that you can buy and have a new home for Christmas.

If however, a new home is on your Christmas list you can always have a belated present and maybe one of these beautiful homes are just what Santa would want you to have.

There are some very special light decorations in Sorrento as there is every year but have you seen a house that you would just love others to see?

Please feel free to let me know so I can share it with all my friends, readers and family!

Open for inspection this weekend!


A Gangnam Style Christmas in Perth comes to an end but the spirit still goes on

For the past few years families have flocked to Bishop Riley Way in Churchlands to watch Christmas come alive by dancing lights to Christmas Carols.

This year Mr Kym Illman decided to Choreograph his lights dance number to the pop sensation Gangnam Style song to help hime raise funds for charity.

It took 200 hours to set up the fun light show but after just three nights work began to pull down the 41,000 light bulbs and two kilometres of cable that was used due to crowd numbers at the Bishop Riley Way home up nearly ten times on what organisers were expecting, creating safety issues and irritating some of the local residents.

Next year Mr Illman plans to light up commercial premises that has plenty of parking and room for spectators to view the show safely.

For those of you that missed out here is the YouTube video that has now been seen by over a million viewers worldwide.


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Christmas Lights, Trees and Spirit and my Home Open Schedule for Sunday 2nd December

Christmas is upon us so it’s time to get the Christmas Tree and Decorations out of the box and up ready for my favourite time of the year.

Do you decorate the front of your house or does your neighbour? Have you seen a great display that you would like to share with everyone?

If you want to get into the Christmas Spirit and take your kids out or your a big kid at heart and want to see Perth’s Christmas Lights yourself here is a website with a list of houses that have their displays up and ready for you to see or add your own.

Here are my home opens for this weekend!

68B Edgefield Way, North Beach

Sunday 12:00 – 12:45pm

68b Edgefield Way North Beach

1/19 Elsie Street, Watermans Bay

Sunday 1:00 – 1:45pm