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Things to Tackle Before Moving Into a New House

Moving house is the intro for the next chapter in your life story, but it can be a mightily tricky affair if not planned and executed with due care and attention to detail. Before you pack your gear and cart it off to your new residence, pause for a second to make a checklist of all the pre-move tasks which you’ll need to tend to during the transition period. Or, better yet, check out our list of important things to bear in mind when relocating home to make the move go easier on both your budget and your nerves.

1. Get House and Gear Insurance in Place

Never launch a move before you’ve sorted out insurance for your property and personal assets for the duration of the transition. Notify your insurance provider about the change of residence, and cancel the existing policy for the old house as of the day after the relocation. Also, look into available moving insurance options and choose a policy that fits your bill best. That way, your property and belongings will stay safe from harm should a relocation nightmare come knocking on your doors.

2. Replace the Locks and Safety Devices

Before you load your belongings into the removal van, pay a short visit to your new home and replace existing locks and safety devices. If you’re renting, ask your landlord for permission for the security update first – but don’t abandon your valuables to the whim of fate, because you can never know who has the keys to your new home. Theft-minded previous tenants, realtors, and maintenance staff can all sneak in when you’re not at home, so it’s better to be safe than at Lady Luck’s mercy.

3. Tend to Administrative Aspect of the Move

Don’t forget to handle the administrative aspect of the home relocation well ahead of the move. Give a heads-up about the change of address to the bank, tax administration, superannuation funds, car insurance and registration provider, and all other relevant authorities before you hit the road. Also, go over your subscription services, loyalty cards, and club memberships, cancel the ones you no longer need, and notify the rest about the address update. You may also want to consult the Post Office about mail redirect options to keep your personal information secure from nosy mailbox parkers.

4. Clean Up Your Old and New Home Act

Although you may not be obliged to clean up your old home before the move, it’s only polite of you to leave it behind in a reasonably decent shape. As for your new home, you should drop by at least a few days prior to the relocation to make sure the property is clean and in good repair. You can have carpets and upholstered furniture steam-cleaned, and you can hire professionals to handle the rest of the move prep housework for you. If you don’t want to spend extra on pre-relocation cleanup, pick quality disinfectants and cleaning supplies and wipe all surfaces and storage units clean: this will minimize post-move unpacking and organizing hassle.

5. Check Plumbing, Appliances, and Drainage

You can’t call a place a new home-sweet-home until you’ve checked appliances and plumbing, wiring, and drainage bits for defects or age-related wear. Inspect the water heater, toilet tank, pipes, insulation, windows, flooring, basement, loft, and rooftop and see whether and where updates may be required within the foreseeable future. This will help you avoid complications with vital hardware immediately upon moving in, and it will also provide you with a good image of the total costs required for the post-relocation home improvement endeavors.

6. Get the Biggest Removal Bang for Your Buck

When moving your home lock, stock and barrel, don’t forget to go over the list of local removal companies and cross-compare fees to avoid losing a small fortune on transfer costs. During the packing, organize your belonging into three piles, i.e. Toss, Keep, and Donate, and see which items you don’t need to bring along. This will help you minimize waste of time when unpacking, and it will also allow you to get rid of clutter and damaged devices that aren’t worth repairing or transporting to the new residence.

7. Stay in Control of Your Home’s Sanitation

To stay on the safe side of the sanitation continuum, hire pest control experts to exterminate unwelcome subtenants, such as rodents, cockroaches, termites, and other creepy crawlies that can take over your home under the cloak of night. If not timely prevented, pest infestations can pose a huge problem in the post-move period – and you definitely shouldn’t take any risks with mass parties staged by potentially health hazardous critters in your new love nest. Before you buy your new home, you may want to have the place inspected for signs of pests and other property issues. A reliable inspection report on the real estate shape can help you bring down the price of the new house and make the pre- and post-move housework go easier on your wallet.

Don’t let move-related stress get the better of you: sort out all the bits and ends on time to keep both your finances and nerve power in check. Bon voyage!

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Moving houses can be annoying, hard, time consuming and costly but ACTON Real Estate are happy to offer the use of their courtesy moving trucks to clients. They currently have Trucks servicing the Perth Metro, Mandurah and South-West areas.

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The new truck is the largest vehicle size that can be driven on a standard motor vehicle license and it comes with a hydraulic lift, trolley, blankets, and ropes. It is very popular so bookings are essential.

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Lowest Interest Rate for Australia since Global Financial Crisis in 2009

For those who aren’t already aware of what’s going on in the Finance Sector the RBA Board decided to reduce the cash rate by 25 basis points to 3.0 per cent, effective 5 December 2012 which is the lowest it has been since the height of the global financial crisis in 2009.

This means that mortgage payments will be down and you will have more money to spend on your family at Christmas or put into your savings to help save for that trip you have wanted to go on for so long.

Have you ever wondered what the rest of the world’s interest rates are compared to Australia’s? Thought about making a scene change and moving to a new country?

Here is a graph that shows other countries Interest Rates.

Sorrento Living World Interest Rates Comparison

Heres How to Help Your Dog Adjust to a Move

Last week we discussed how to help your kids with a move but pets can become disoriented and frightened by the whole experience of moving too.

To reduce their stress on hectic packing days and especially on moving day, be sure that pets are either securely penned, boarded at a kennel or at a friend’s place. You don’t want your pet running away or getting injured underfoot.


Before You Leave

There are a few things to get in order before you leave:


  • Make sure your pet has an ID tag with his/her name and current contact number.
  • Visit the veterinarian and make sure your pet has its shots up to date.
  • Have a sturdy, quality pet carrier and get your pet used to being in it before you move.

Travelling by Car

A few simple tips can smooth the experience of travelling by car with your pet.

  • Do not feed or give water to your pet for several hours before the move. On the road, feed your pet once daily.
  • Make sure there is adequate fresh air in the vehicle.
  • Take rest stops to give water, toilet breaks and to exercise your pet.
  • Do not leave a pet alone in a car on hot days.

Sorrento Living Happy Family Happy DogAt your new home, keep pets confined for a few days in a limited area like your bedroom, where you can comfort them. Introduce them to the rest of the home gradually, so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Do not leave pets unattended outside until they have plenty of time to adjust to their new surroundings, because animals sometimes run away in an attempt to return to their old neighbourhood.

Take them for walks keeping them on a leash to the local parks so neighbours and their pets can meet and greet you and yours.

A happy pet means a happy family.

Helping your kids move to a new home can help you too

Moving can be a big challenge for children but it can also be an adventure. By helping your child through this experience with knowledge and patience, the transition can be made easier on not only your kids but you too.

The home you are moving from may be the only one your child has ever known so moving can be especially troubling for children, because of loss of familiarity, not only of their home, but everything around it: neighbourhood, friends, parks and schools. A lot of distress can be avoided if parents understand and address their child’s concerns and needs.

Kids Concerns about Moving

What are your kids concerned about?

  • Preschool children tend to worry about being left behind or separated from their parents.
  • Youngsters aged 6 to 12 can be concerned with how their daily routines will be affected.
  • Teenagers are concerned primarily with fitting in and having their social life disrupted.

Most kids will have lots of questions – answer them in a positive way and be understanding of the fears your kids are facing. Focus on things for them to look forward to, their own room, exploring the new area or meeting new friends.

Easing Kids Concerns

Familiarise Your Kids with the New Place

Let your child know what the new house will be like. If possible, take them on a visit of the new home and suburb. Or take lots of pictures or video to show your child to help them feel more comfortable with their future surroundings.

Contact the local council to get pamphlets on the area you are moving to. Then sit down with your family and get a feel for the new suburb.

Before you move, try to connect your child with a friend that may already live in the new spot so your child will have someone to interact with and learn the great things about the area.

If you’re changing their schools, get information on the schools and childcare in the new area. If you can, visit the school with your child and meet some of the teachers.

Involve Your Child in the Moving Process

Get them involved and have them pack some of their favourite things in a special box. Younger children can decorate the box however they like. Be sure to keep this special box close at hand during the move so you child has a comforting sense of the familiar.

Make plans with your child on how to decorate his or her new room. This could also be a great time for change: maybe let them pick a new paint colour or a bed set.

Sorrento Living Happy Kid New RoomCreate Continuity for Your Child

Ask your children what some of the favourite things are in their life are now and make some those things happen at the new place or start some new traditions.

Leaving friends behind may be one of the harder things your child has to do. Throw a going-away party with their friends, take lots of pictures and create a scrapbook for them to look back on.

Help your child make an address book with their friend’s contact details and give them a stationary set or prestamped cards so they can stay in touch.

Just think, when you relieve the stress your children are feeling, you reduce your own stress and are able to focus more on other aspects of your move and have a happy family.