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Local Housing Strategy Proposes New Zoning for City of Joondalup

In 2011 there were talks and whispers about re-zoning the residential areas throughout the City of Joondalup to accommodate Perth’s population growth and in order to meet future housing needs, the State Government required that all Local Governments develop a Local Housing Strategy.

These talks were then taken to the next step and at its meeting held on 16 April 2013, Council resolved to endorse the City’s revised Local Housing Strategy and submit the document to the Western Australian Planning Commission for consideration.

On Tuesday 12 November 2013, the Commission resolved to support the Local Housing Strategy and then get consent from all the Authorities before the proposed amendment will be advertised for public comment.

The process is likely to take a minimum of 18 months from when the proposed amendment is advertised for public comment. This time frame is subject to the formal processes which need to be undertaken, such as a public consultation period and seeking approvals from relevant service authorities.

The City is pro actively pursuing the implementation of the density increases . However, it is only once the Local Housing Strategy recommendations are incorporated will landowners be able to apply for development or subdivision approval in line with the new densities.

So pleases make sure you check these maps below for future reference to see if your house falls into the perimeters and also to see what areas may be changing when considering buying a new property.

You can see if your property will fall into the new Re-Zoning from the list of maps below.

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