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Here are some Selling Problems and Common Sales Issues that some sellers may face when selling their home

If your property doesn’t attract quality buyers or offers within several weeks, the most likely reason will be one of these three factors:

  • Location
  • Condition
  • Price

To sell your house high and fast, you must be able to anticipate problems concerning these big three issues. The location obviously cannot be changed. However, you can make up for that deficiency by making the condition of your home and pricing attractive. Inspect your home and make repairs and improvements before putting it up for sale. Also price your property fairly and competitively, and keep on adjusting it until it is of such amount that can win over a deal.

However, after two weeks to a month of being on the market without any offer, then there is most likely problem. If your house has been visited by a considerable number of prospective buyers, then you should try to think of which of the above common three issues haven’t been addressed. Browse through the feedbacks of the buyers and find out the answers to these questions:

  • Is the location unappealing? Is the answer is yes, you definitely need to make up for it with the condition and price of your home.
  • Is the house unattractive to buyers? If so, you could re-inspect your house, with the aid of a professional if possible, and make the needed improvements and repairs.
  • Is the price excessively high? If positive, you can alter the price and put your house again on the market with the a new reduced price.

If the location, condition and price of your home are not the problem but rather the lack of interested buyers who ask to view your house, then your problem could be the marketing strategy. If such is the case, you may need to re-evaluate the marketing strategy and request the Agent to step up the marketing activity. Ask your Agent to discuss the reasons for their choice of marketing and what can be done to expand the network of your sale.

See our article on the Top 10 Tips for More Dollars When You Sell Your Home or contact me if you need some help.

Selling the Home Yourself or Use a Real Estate Agent? Consider all your options before trying to take the “Easy Road”

Do I sell my home myself or use a Real Estate Agent?

The main reason people choose to sell their own home is to save money on the commission that would usually be paid to an Agent on a successful sale. By selling your home yourself, you would think you would be saving money. However, doing so could cost you more money than if you had hired an Agent. Selling your home below market value or neglecting your career or business if your efforts to sell it could cost you. So, before deciding whether to sell your home yourself or use an Agent, weigh up your options first.

Selling your home yourself

Deciding to sell your home yourself is a challenging task especially if you don’t have any know-how in real estate. The advantage, of course, is that you would be saving the money intended as commission. However, since you would be doing all the work an Agent would normally do, selling your home yourself would require your time and effort, lots of it.

Disadvantages of Being Your Own  Real Estate Agent

Here is a list of the disadvantages you would face should you decide to sell your own home:

  • Time-consuming. It will take plenty of time to effectively market and sell your home. And time, is what you may not have especially when family, school and/or career compete for your attention.
  • Costs. If your choice to sell your house yourself is to save money, think again since marketing and advertising costs may become expensive.
  • Risk of underpricing or overpricing. Being inexperienced, you would not be able to easily set a fair and competitive price for your home, thus, decrease the odds of making not only a fast sale but also one with the highest possible profit.
  • Effort-consuming. Selling your own home yourself demands lots of effort since you will be doing everything yourself from marketing your home to entertaining possible buyers and settling negotiations.
  • Getting lost in all the paperwork. One of the most daunting tasks in selling your home is completing the paperwork and complying with legal requirements. If you are not an expert in real estate transactions, you might delay in getting the needed documents and requirements done, thus, also delay the completion of the transaction.
  • Emotional attachment. As owner of the house, you will not view the transaction objectively being high in emotion during the process especially if you’ve personally made improvements on it or lived in it for a long time. The inevitable task of showing your home to strangers, most of whom are just looking around, would definitely not help.

Sorrento Living Real Estate AgentUsing a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

If you are sick, you get an appointment with a doctor and if you have a legal problem, you seek the advice of a lawyer. The same applies in real estate transactions – if you need to sell your home, you hire an Agent.

Hiring an Agent will allow you to sell your home faster than you could because let’s face it, selling real estate is an Agent’s business so he or she knows more than you do in this department. An Agent also has a large contact of prospective buyers, has professional ideas how to make your home more marketable, has mastery of legal requirements and documentations, and has all the time in the world to entertain home buyers and get your home sold.

If your considering selling your own home but would like to get an obligation free opinion first please give me a call or if you do decide to go ahead and sell your own home, good luck and welcome to wonderful world of Real Estate.

What makes me tick in Real Estate… a pat on the back for working hard for my clients

Featuring from now on a series of stories that has happened throughout my career that is going to be the subject for every Thursday.

I’m hoping to cover a lot of issues facing sellers and buyers today in the real estate market. So if you have a question that needs answering let me know in the comments.

But other important issues will be attached to the same Newsletter and that would be related to Real Estate like this weeks RCD’s and the Joint Form of General Conditions which are very important when selling your home. Next week I’m going to share with you the legal requirements for smoke alarms when selling or… leasing an investment property.

Starting this week with my series of stories I have to “brag” about the month of January when I was awarded with a “package of goodies” for my performance.

I was just awarded number one Real Estate Agent for the Month of January 2012. Very proud, happy and satisfied thanks to my clients who made that possible.

In all the Agencies I worked with I have never been so pampered as I am at Acton Coastal. Not only the certificate for the best sales of the Month (which I love to get) but 4 weeks on the West Australian to “brag about how good I am” and a gift voucher for me to spent on something I really want.

Was a big “pat on the back” for my performance and I think that is what we need, as real estate agents, to help us to be better achievers.

What I look for in an Office is:  support, the team spirit, health competition and appreciation for achievement. That is what I have here at Acton.