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Ray White is co founder of new industry owned real estate portal called Squiiz

Along with many other Real Estate Agencies nation wide, Ray White has co founded an industry only owned Real Estate portal called Squiiz which is due to be unveiled to the general public very soon.

CEO, Nick Christian announced that at launch it will also be releasing an app with the aim of this portal is to get everybody talking and supporting each other while having control over their own data.

Clients will love Squiiz

  • Free to download
  • Compatible with all mobile phone and tablet devices
  • Innovative reverse Geo Location Technology
  • Properties find them after setting pre-selected type and price range
  • User mobile device is alerted via voice prompt when passing a property for sale/rent

Keep an eye out, it’s almost time to take a Squiiz!

The Real Estate Market in Sorrento for March

If you ask any Real Estate Agent right now they will tell you that business is slow and that there isn’t many new listings out there and sales are few and far between.

If you ask the buyers right now they will tell you that prices are too high but they are still looking and waiting for the perfect house in their price range.

So what does this information tell you, if your thinking of selling? That there are still buyers out there looking to buy but they are waiting for properties to drop in price and are not moving out of their price range. This wait time is allowing them to be ready financially and giving them opportunity to know exactly what they want and where they think houses should sit in today’s market.

I have many buyers waiting with all different types of price ranges, ready to go ahead and make that purchase on their perfect home. Is your home my buyer’s perfect home? Give me a call to find out!

Here is what the Real Estate Market in Sorrento looked like for March!

March Listings

NoStreetSuburbTypeB / BCurrent PriceDays
4Anaconda PlaceSorrentoHouse4 / 2Offers from $1,129,00023Realmark Coastal
50Clontarf StreetSorrentoHouse3 / 1From $849,00014Realmark Coastal
60Harman RoadSorrentoHouse4 / 2Mid $900,000's9Realmark Premier
150/7Harman RoadSorrentoUnit1 / 1$145,00013Ray White North Quays
140/7Harman RoadSorrentoHouse1 / 1$255,00023Peard Real Estate Hillarys
27Helsall courtSorrentoHouse4 / 3From $1,495,00023Realmark Coastal
37High StreetSorrentoHouse4 / 2High $800's - Low $900's15Harber Real Estate
3High StreetSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,550,00029M & H Sutton Realty
7BHood TerraceSorrentoDuplex3 / 2From $939,00029Peard Real Estate Hillarys
21Keans AvenueSorrentoHouse4 / 2Expressions of Interest14Renouf Real Estate
8Ledge PlaceSorrentoLand0 / 0$1,350,0006Professionals Granger Clark
5Manakoora RiseSorrentoLand0 / 0$1,100,00026Peard Real Estate Hillarys
25Parker AvenueSorrentoHouse3 / 2From $995,00023Peard Real Estate Hillarys
142Parnell AvenueSorrentoHouse4 / 2$999,000 - $1.079,00028Harber Real Estate
48St Helier DriveSorrentoHouse4 / 3Offers from $1,680,00023Davey Real Estate
25/160West Coast DriveSorrentoTownhouse3 / 2CONTACT AGENT20Ray White North Quays

Available Properties

NoStreetTypeB / BCurrent PriceDays
Lot 704/108- 114 High StreetLand0 / 0$599,000117Peard Real Estate Hillarys
4Anaconda PlaceHouse4 / 2Offers from $1,129,00023Realmark Coastal
17Angler WayHouse4 / 2From $799,00033Peard Real Estate Hillarys
67aAshmore WayHouse3 / 2$949,000129Peard Real Estate Hillarys
72Ashmore WayHouse5 / 3$3.900,000 - $4.600,00047Harber Real Estate
3Bahama CloseHouse4 / 2From $1,295,00042Renouf Real Estate
3BCervantes PlaceDuplex3 / 1From $749,00052Peard Real Estate Hillarys
130AClontarf StLand1 / 1Fr $530,000160Ray White North Quays
109Clontarf StreetHouse4 / 2$939,000 - $989,00058Harber Real Estate
50Clontarf StreetHouse3 / 1From $849,00014Realmark Coastal
17Delambre PlaceHouse4 / 4From $1,499,000150Realty Executives
60Harman RoadHouse4 / 2Mid $900,000's9Realmark Premier
140/7Harman RoadHouse1 / 1$255,00023Peard Real Estate Hillarys
150/7Harman RoadUnit1 / 1$145,00013Ray White North Quays
27Helsall courtHouse4 / 3From $1,495,00023Realmark Coastal
12Hermite RiseHouse4 / 3From $979,00040Peard Real Estate Hillarys
3High StreetHouse4 / 2$1,550,00029M & H Sutton Realty
37High StreetHouse4 / 2High $800's - Low $900's15Harber Real Estate
32/3Hocking ParadeTownhouse3 / 2$935,00092St Ives Sales
9Hocking ParadeLand0 / 0From $1,300,000291Peard Real Estate Hillarys
7BHood TerraceDuplex3 / 2From $939,00029Peard Real Estate Hillarys
21Keans AvenueHouse4 / 2Expressions of Interest14Renouf Real Estate
6AKeans AvenueHouse4 / 2From $995,000152Peard Real Estate Hillarys
8Ledge PlaceLand0 / 0$1,350,0006Professionals Granger Clark
5Manakoora RiseLand0 / 0$1,100,00026Peard Real Estate Hillarys
16Manakoora RiseHouse5 / 3From $1,795,00058Renouf Real Estate
25Parker AvenueHouse3 / 2From $995,00023Peard Real Estate Hillarys
23Parker AvenueHouse2 / 1$1,320,00042Davey Real Estate
20AParker AvenueHouse3 / 2From $1,050,00090Ray White Uxcel
142Parnell AvenueHouse4 / 2$999,000 - $1.079,00028Harber Real Estate
/5Robin AvenueHouse4 / 2$1,550,00085
10Robin AvenueHouse5 / 3$1,800,00048Dempsey Real Estate
/52Robin AvenueHouse5 / 3$1,550,00085
11Ross AvenueHouse4 / 2$1,200,000149Davey Real Estate
45Seaward LoopHouse5 / 5$2,500,000469Professionals Granger Clark
72Seaward LoopHouse5 / 4LOW TO MID $4M'S84William Porteous Properties International
48St Helier DriveHouse4 / 3Offers from $1,680,00023Davey Real Estate
25/160West Coast DriveTownhouse3 / 2CONTACT AGENT20Ray White North Quays

Properties Sold in the Last 3 Months

NoStreetTypeB / BSale PriceSale DateDays on MktAgency
5Cadiz CourtHouse6 / 3(UNDER OFFER)26/03/201443Harber Real Estate
6Dempster PlaceHouse4 / 3(UNDER OFFER)24/03/201420ACTON North
8Corfu CourtHouse5 / 2(UNDER OFFER)24/03/20145Century 21 Gold Key Realty
18Porteous RoadHouse4 / 3(UNDER OFFER)19/03/201442Realmark Coastal
3Grenville AvenueLand0 / 0(UNDER OFFER)11/03/201419Peard Real Estate Hillarys
18Hibernia RiseHouse7 / 3$1,380,00011/03/201447Realmark Coastal
12Bonito WayHouse5 / 2(UNDER OFFER)10/03/201414Peard Real Estate Hillarys
26Delambre PlaceHouse4 / 2(UNDER OFFER)3/03/201422Peard Real Estate Hillarys
169/7Harman RoadVilla1 / 1$250,00024/02/201481Ray White North Quays
2Anitra CourtHouse5 / 3$940,00018/02/201424Peard Real Estate Hillarys
127High StreetHouse3 / 1$745,00017/02/201442Ray White North Beach
1Frobisher AvenueHouse4 / 2(UNDER OFFER)10/02/20147Peard Real Estate Hillarys
49/160West Coast DriveTownhouse3 / 3(UNDER OFFER)5/02/201447Caporn Young Estate Agents Pty Ltd
21Elfreda AvenueHouse4 / 2$840,0003/02/201454Harber Real Estate
36/160West Coast DriveHouse3 / 2$795,0001/02/2014481Realmark North Coastal
85Marine TerraceHouse4 / 2$849,00026/01/20143Peard Real Estate Hillarys
52Myrtle AvenueHouse4 / 2$865,00026/01/201460Peard Real Estate Hillarys
49Chandler RoadHouse4 / 2$970,00025/01/201417Harber Real Estate
30Marine TerraceLand0 / 0$730,00024/01/2014148Peard Real Estate Hillarys
100Parnell AvenueHouse3 / 2$790,00024/01/201416Peard Real Estate Hillarys
41/7Harman RoadHouse2 / 1$345,00021/01/20147Ray White North Quays
39Raleigh RoadHouse4 / 2$1,400,00019/01/20144Harber Real Estate
5Templetonia AvenueHouse4 / 2$867,50018/01/201465Davey Real Estate
23Seacrest DriveHouse4 / 2$810,00018/01/20148Harber Real Estate
125/1Padbury CircleUnit2 / 1$278,00018/01/2014222Ray White North Quays
3AMyrtle AvenueTownhouse3 / 1$450,00016/01/20146Adrian Cocks Real Estate
33Myrtle AvenueHouse4 / 2$749,00012/01/201480RealtyWest
71Seacrest DriveHouse4 / 3$1,200,0007/01/201471Ray White North Beach
13Frobisher AvenueHouse5 / 3$1,300,0003/01/201456Optimus Real Estate
To see what has sold in the last year see the Sorrento Market Statistics
Source REIWA: The information contained above has been provided by the Listing office or person. All listing details should be checked with the Listing office or person. In accordance with Sorrento Living’s Terms of Use, Sorrento Living will not accept any responsibility should any published details prove to be incomplete or incorrect.

Miss out on buyers or risk an infringement, home open signs have a curfew?

Strictly speaking, NO temporary advertising signs are allowed of any sort without a licence. However, the council allow some leeway for home open signs. The actual rule they enforce is that signs are allowed no more than 30 minutes prior to and 30 minutes after a home open. This INCLUDES signs placed outside the sellers houses (even on their front lawn if it’s outside the boundary of their property).

Other real estate agents have received 5 x $100 infringements over 2 weekends for placed home open signs put on the front lawns of sellers houses. They appealed the fines but they were upheld and they had to pay.

If you place signs actually on an owners property (ie within the boundary) the rangers cannot touch them BUT they are considered a commercial advertising sign and as such they need a licence. The owners could, in theory, be fined for placing them without a license.

Unfortunately, once someone starts reporting signs it tends to escalate like it did in other Suburbs. There are now no home open signs out more than 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after a home open.

Bottom line is if you place signs outside the allowed time periods you risk an infringement.

It’s frustrating but that’s the rules.

Some Agents have written to me said they have had this battle going for the last 5 years.

If an Agent is successful and had lots of signs around that is what will happen like it did with my friend last week. Unfortunately this is the result of one or two local agents becoming rather jealous. In an attempt to reduce the successful Agents presence on the streets they started calling the council about him or her .

Since I wrote my fears to other Agents their response was: “They are surprised that this is happening only NOW  in Hillarys and along the coast”. A few agents seem to have sign out on that road 24/7. They don’t know how they got away with it for this long

Any ideas what we can do?