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Spring is here…… Time to sell!

Don’t be the last! Be the first one to put your house on the market so buyers will flock to it!

I cannot explain why… but I feel something in the air…

Buyers are coming out of my ears and I don’t have a lot to offer. I have been short of properties for the last 2 Month which was okay because the buyers were quiet.

But Now? Something is happening.

Maybe the buyers realised that this is a buyers market. Plus it looks like interest rates are going to stay the same for a while  (except your investment property will have a hike from now on). Don’t ask me why,  I can’t understand or explain why, I can only imagine that the Government is trying to stop the Sydney boom.

Prices are lower? Yes! I don’t deny that! But there are great buys out there. You must make a move now, we don’t know how long will it last.

I am short of properties and I am looking for Sellers and what a better time of year to showcase your property than in the beautiful spring weather.

Please call me on 0416 188 752.

How To Determine Your Sorrento Property’s Selling Appeal

The Department of Housing, jointly with the Department of Planning, in Australia, commissioned a rather large survey of property buyers. The objective was to identify the housing preferences of West Australians.

The study went deep into property buying patterns and queried 1000’s of real estate buyers and investors. The result of the study was a clear picture that every property seller was looking for (but could not find). It answered questions like: What type of housing do buyers prefer? What are they willing to sacrifice when their budget falls short? And more.

I read between the lines and came up with a list of factors that should help Sorrento property sellers determine their property’s selling appeal. Some information may seem obvious, but is important nevertheless.

Here we go: Factors That Will Help Determine A Sorrento Home’s Selling Capability (in order of importance)

1. Location: Couples and families preferred easy access to work because they perceived the time taken in commuting to be wasteful.

Families with children preferred buying a home that had easy access to their children’s school.

Singles and childless couples wanted easy access to nightlife so that they could save on taxi charges.

Older property buyers desired homes that were close to supermarkets and shopping areas. Many folks in this demographic wanted accessibility to public transport to reduce dependence on their own car. Older and working people who favoured driving their own car wanted ease of access (wide roads, easy accessibility to property) to the CBD.

2. Price: Though we are currently operating in a buyer’s market, the correction in home prices has likely been priced in.

The study was generated some time back, price has, is and will always be a major factor for investors (for obvious reasons) and a somewhat important factor for other buyers. Properties are now going at affordable rates and many experts reckon that now is the time to buy property especially in suburbs like Sorrento where home availability is gradually drying up.

A typical issue faced by most buyers is that they were unable to find a pleasant location within their budget. But that’s a universal problem and every buyer has to make a few trade-offs before striking the deal.

Though younger people preferred a house, they were okay in buying an apartment because it was within their budget.

Owner-occupied housing was preferred over rental housing – maybe because buyers felt that owners take better care of their properties (and they are right).

3. Neighbourhood: Factors such as lots of trees, a pleasant ambience, nice, friendly neighbours, area reputation, number of families living in the area, and quality of housing were evaluated by almost all home buyers. Newly developed areas were perceived to be of “low character” by most buyers.

It’s a no-brainer that there is a lot of noise in a neighbourhood full of singles. On the flipside, a neighbourhood full of families is most likely a calm and peaceful area.

4. Home Design and Features: House buyers also attached a lot of importance to indoor space and outdoor facilities.

Many buyers (and all investors) considered the property’s investment potential as very important.

Older properties in peaceful and populated areas were regarded as full of character and therefore as better investments.

Indoor design factors such as well placed rooms, fixtures, insulation, sun/breeze penetration, orientation, factors that help reduce the need for cooling/heating, rain water harvesting, and solar panels helped sellers bump up the price.

Pensioners, singles and those who live on fixed incomes generally avoided homes/apartments with high maintenance charges.

Migrants and younger people were willing to live in apartments — others preferred houses.

5. Detached Dwellings v/s Apartments: When this study was conducted, most buyers preferred detached dwellings over apartments. This holds true even today. Families with children wanted them to play outdoors and in close proximity.

Home buyers, and even investors, hated noisy areas and considered living in apartments as living in a “noisy zone.” However, people from other countries were okay with buying an apartment – they could live with the noise.

Many home buyers also did not prefer apartments because the strata fees were very high, though some buyers were okay with them because they got access to facilities like a swimming pool and a gym.

Renters, however, preferred apartments over detached dwellings. Renters also preferred a 2-bedroom apartment over a 1-bedroom unit because if the rents got too high, they could sublet one room to lessen the blow.

Older folks with grandchildren desired low maintenance charges and lots of space – which made for a difficult combination.

Older folks also did not prefer retirement living villages because their families would find these too far to pay a visit.

Reasons for buying a home (according to the same study)

There were many reasons why buyers were in the market to buy a home, and you may not have considered some of these:

  1. For investment purposes (most property experts reckon that Sorrento property prices will rise)
  2. They may have gotten a job in your location
  3. Because they were downsizing and want to move into a smaller home
  4. Because the home was situated in a better location (closer to public transport, school, work, nice neighbourhood, facilities, etc.)
  5. Personal circumstances (marriage, divorce)
  6. Having saved up enough, a renter may have wanted to become a buyer. Or maybe the buyer had reached that stage in life where he would be more comfortable if he had a roof over his head.
  7. If buying a home could have helped saving money.
  8. The new home was bigger and better – both outside and inside.

After reading this guide you will understand how home buyers think while evaluating your property in Sorrento or anywhere else.

Use this guide to figure out your home’s selling appeal and as a handy tool to understand buyer psychology – but do not forget to evaluate current market trends or talking to your real estate agent before setting your selling price.

18 Helpful Tips For Perth Property Buyers

Every property buyer in Perth desires a home in the best location, a home that can command a great rental value, a home whose value greatly appreciates over time. Of course, buyers also expect the home to be priced very affordably.

Though the Perth property market is facing an oversupply of units and houses, and the mining boom is over and done with, the fact remains that home supply is drying up in many key Perth suburbs, and it seems a matter of time (maybe 12 months) before things start looking up. Many experts reckon that the market will soon start consolidating and that the downside risks are limited.

Therefore, the market, though currently down, is nicely balanced between buyers and sellers.

Here are 18 helpful tips that should help property buyers achieve their goals:

  1. Chances are that you will not get your dream home. Therefore, you must be flexible. If you compromise a little here and there, you will get something that is close to your desired property. If you are rigid, you may lose out. 
  2. Don’t get emotional or hasty while making a financial decision. Study and analyze facts and figures, and sleep over it before making a decision. 
  3. Do not immediately rush into the arms of an agent. Browse online and newspaper listings first. Of course, if you are from out of town, then you might like to appoint a buying agent. 
  4. Speaking of agents – A buyer’s agent works for the buyer and a seller’s Agent works for the seller. Seller’s agents typically have a long list of properties, and too many unsuitable choices can end up confusing the buyer. Therefore, buyers must preferably work with a buyer’s agent. 
  5. What is the development potential of your locality? Have the local authorities planned projects that can increase or lower the value of your property? Figure out these facts by visiting the relevant local authority office and by inquiring with unbiased experts. 
  6. You might like to view the property at least 2-3 times at different times of the day. Check the condition of the house during the day, evening and night. 
  7. Run a check on your to-be neighbors – are they social? Do they play loud music? 
  8. Sure you know your credit score and your loan eligibility. But have you calculated expenses on insurance, agent fees, building & termite inspection fees, stamp duty, etc.? You must know how much you will spend on the property right down to the last penny – and you must budget for that final number. 
  9. Know that prior to the purchase you have to declare the amount financed and the name of the financial institution. This is why it is important to obtain pre-approval. Pre-approval usually takes 21 days (or perhaps more) and therefore you must be ready with it before you make an offer.  I can refer you to the perfect finance guru. 
  10. Hire building and termite inspectors to inspect the electrical wiring, plumbing, foundation, termite damage potential, etc. Your agent will help you locate experienced inspectors. 
  11. You can negotiate aggressively, but do not be too casual or frivolous. If you are not serious while negotiating, you may be considered as a person who is out to waste time. Be very factual while negotiating. 
  12. Understanding seller psychology can help. Western Australia is a buyer’s market and if you can figure out that the seller is desperate to sell, you can land up on a nice bargain. 
  13. Remember that property buyers in Western Australia have to work with a system that is legally referred to as ‘Offer and Acceptance’. If you make an offer, and if the seller accepts your offer, then it becomes part of the contract and it will be deemed that you have entered into a commitment to purchase the property. You cannot go back unless the seller does not fulfill a condition. The seller can accept, reject or make a counter-offer. If the seller makes a counter offer, it kills the original offer. 
  14. You must summarize in writing all the key transaction-related verbal communication you have had with the agent or the seller. 
  15. After both parties are in agreement, the settlement agent will take over the transaction and create the conveyancing documents/work. You have to pay up to $2,500 fees for this job. Some settlements agents are pricey, some come cheap. If you need one, let me know, mine is a Star! 
  16. The settlement agent prepares a Transfer of Land document a minimum of two weeks before the settlement date. This document is handed over to your lender. It is the job of the settlement agent to contact all the parties and inform them about the venue, time and date of the settlement. 
  17. Once the settlement process is over, the seller’s settlement informs the real estate agent, who then hands over the keys to you. Know this – your settlement agent must confirm that the settlement has happened. He should also send you a Statement of Adjustment that contains details about how the funds have moved between the different parties. 
  18. Finally, and this is the most basic tip of them all – never ever wait for the market to bottom out. Perhaps only God can predict that. Buy when you feel the time is right because if you don’t, you may be missing out on a solid investment opportunity. 

If you need help buying a home please let me know, I’m only too happy to help!

A smile to come out of sadness

Who would of thought that my bags could bring two people together that may have never met?

Everybody knows me for my bags and let me tell you they are a big hit with my buyers and sellers, because not only are you selling or buying a home your getting a one of a kind fashion piece.

A few weeks ago at a funeral of all places, a woman with one of my bags spots another woman with one of my bags and approaches her to ask her if she got the bag from me.

The other woman replied that she had in fact got it from me and had just sold her home through me. The other woman then said that she had just got her bag and she had just bought a house through me.

Well you can imagine that they started talking and that it turned out that one of them had bought the house from the other. My buyer and seller who had never met before, met at a funeral because they both were wearing my bag and both knew the deceased.

So although it was a sad day and my condolences to the family and friends who lost a loved one, but their chance meeting put a smile on my face because they met in the most unusual of circumstances!

Finishing 2014 with a BANG! 6 Renown is Under Offer with less than 3 weeks on the market!

My Christmas Wish came True!

It may not have happened before Christmas but just after and that is good enough for me and now 6 Renown Way, Sorrento is Under Offer and both my Sellers and Buyers are very Happy.

I have to start 2015 looking for more homes to sell as I have sold all my listings except I have one in Quinns Rocks at 16 Piper that can only be shown after January 15th 2015.

I am now trying to sell 4 Bennetts one of the most beautiful designer home with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, study, pool, ocean views, superb
location and offering great lifestyle for the whole family.

I have numerous requests:

“Buyers are coming out of my ears”

Need homes all shapes and sizes, old, new, demolition and various prices too.

Call for a free appraisal and I will be happy to do the best job I possibly can!

Happy New Year!

Sorrento Living Happy New Year 2015

My most adorable neighbours are moving out and I am the reason for it: sold their home in 2 weekends!

17 Minden Rise, Sorrento sold after the second home open!

It is a beautiful home and the sellers are happy and moving on with their lives.

But we have a happy end for the neighbourhood as we are are getting a lovely young family with 2 adorable children that will brighten our street even more.

I wish my sellers a very happy future and welcome the buyers to a wonderful neigbourhood and feel very lucky that I was able to help both parties.

A one of a kind BBQ for the car loving cook

So I have seen a lot of different things in houses, done to houses and made from houses but not in all my real estate years have I seen something like this.

This is truly to me a one of a kind addition to any man or womans outdoor entertaining area and  this car BBBQ is at my new listing in Quinns Rocks coming up for Auction on November 22nd.

This fantastic idea of a barbeque is on the corner of a massive outdoor entertaining area under pitched patio with mosaic feature wall. It is well protected from the elements on a 1452 square metres of land with development potential and a full of character home with amazing ocean views.

The Sellers will leave this amazing Car Barbeque on the property when they sell.

This property will be online towards end of October and the 1st home open on November 1st.

If you would like some more information, give me a call!

Home Open Marathon on the 17th and 18th of October

On 17th and 18th of October I will be Launching a Home Open Marathon throughout several suburbs with the help of Sue Van Vuuren and possibly the help of a couple more agents.

We have already listed 3 homes in Sorrento, Quinns Rocks and I am expecting one in Madeley, Ridgewood and two in Innsloo.

Would you like to be part of the Home Open Marathon?

We will have a lot of traffic between all these homes and we will be able to veer buyers through all of them.

Call to participate. Would be a lot easier to sell your home as we will be talking to a lot of buyers!

It is worth a call and getting involved but here are some of my latest properties available and coming soon!

4 Bennetts Pl, SorrentoA Family Paradise!
4 Bennetts Place Sorrento, WA 6020




55 Warburton Avenue, PadburyNest or Invest!
55 Warburton Avenue Padbury, WA 6025




17 Minden Rise SorrentoSophisticated Beachside Living!
17 Minden Rise Sorrento, WA 6020

Are we having a mini boom? Lots of buyers looking at present.

Lately my phone has started to ring off the hook from buyers looking for properties.

From all types and up to a 1 million, and maybe a little bit more looking in suburbs such as Karrinyup, Carine, Sorrento, North Beach, Trigg and Hillarys.

There is a higher percentage of buyers asking for homes close to specific schools and older folks like myself wanting duplex’s but not necessarily 2 storey’s but with a big of yard, development potential, or homes in old Sorrento with a few asking for vacant blocks.

I have been doing lots of appraisals but the sellers are not quite ready, which mean this could possibly be the perfect time for you, if you are thinking of selling.

Sell now and be settled before the holiday season hits.

Are you ready? I am here now with buyers coming out of my ears!

There is no bigger thrill than to get a thank you for just doing my job

You have heard from me many times about how much I love my job and how I love real estate and helping people sell their home or buy a new one.

I honestly can say that for me there is no bigger thrill than to sell a home for my clients and them be happy about the outcome and for me it’s not about the money or the awards and recognition, it’s genuinely about the thrill of helping my clients from beginning to end and them being happy.

I am just doing my job and selling properties makes me happy but to have even just the smallest cute note saying thank you means alot to me, so Thank you to Cheryl and Peter for your very kind words and birthday wishes.

Testimonial - Cheryl and Peter


The Real Estate Market in Sorrento for March

If you ask any Real Estate Agent right now they will tell you that business is slow and that there isn’t many new listings out there and sales are few and far between.

If you ask the buyers right now they will tell you that prices are too high but they are still looking and waiting for the perfect house in their price range.

So what does this information tell you, if your thinking of selling? That there are still buyers out there looking to buy but they are waiting for properties to drop in price and are not moving out of their price range. This wait time is allowing them to be ready financially and giving them opportunity to know exactly what they want and where they think houses should sit in today’s market.

I have many buyers waiting with all different types of price ranges, ready to go ahead and make that purchase on their perfect home. Is your home my buyer’s perfect home? Give me a call to find out!

Here is what the Real Estate Market in Sorrento looked like for March!

March Listings

NoStreetSuburbTypeB / BCurrent PriceDays
4Anaconda PlaceSorrentoHouse4 / 2Offers from $1,129,00023Realmark Coastal
50Clontarf StreetSorrentoHouse3 / 1From $849,00014Realmark Coastal
60Harman RoadSorrentoHouse4 / 2Mid $900,000's9Realmark Premier
150/7Harman RoadSorrentoUnit1 / 1$145,00013Ray White North Quays
140/7Harman RoadSorrentoHouse1 / 1$255,00023Peard Real Estate Hillarys
27Helsall courtSorrentoHouse4 / 3From $1,495,00023Realmark Coastal
37High StreetSorrentoHouse4 / 2High $800's - Low $900's15Harber Real Estate
3High StreetSorrentoHouse4 / 2$1,550,00029M & H Sutton Realty
7BHood TerraceSorrentoDuplex3 / 2From $939,00029Peard Real Estate Hillarys
21Keans AvenueSorrentoHouse4 / 2Expressions of Interest14Renouf Real Estate
8Ledge PlaceSorrentoLand0 / 0$1,350,0006Professionals Granger Clark
5Manakoora RiseSorrentoLand0 / 0$1,100,00026Peard Real Estate Hillarys
25Parker AvenueSorrentoHouse3 / 2From $995,00023Peard Real Estate Hillarys
142Parnell AvenueSorrentoHouse4 / 2$999,000 - $1.079,00028Harber Real Estate
48St Helier DriveSorrentoHouse4 / 3Offers from $1,680,00023Davey Real Estate
25/160West Coast DriveSorrentoTownhouse3 / 2CONTACT AGENT20Ray White North Quays

Available Properties

NoStreetTypeB / BCurrent PriceDays
Lot 704/108- 114 High StreetLand0 / 0$599,000117Peard Real Estate Hillarys
4Anaconda PlaceHouse4 / 2Offers from $1,129,00023Realmark Coastal
17Angler WayHouse4 / 2From $799,00033Peard Real Estate Hillarys
67aAshmore WayHouse3 / 2$949,000129Peard Real Estate Hillarys
72Ashmore WayHouse5 / 3$3.900,000 - $4.600,00047Harber Real Estate
3Bahama CloseHouse4 / 2From $1,295,00042Renouf Real Estate
3BCervantes PlaceDuplex3 / 1From $749,00052Peard Real Estate Hillarys
130AClontarf StLand1 / 1Fr $530,000160Ray White North Quays
109Clontarf StreetHouse4 / 2$939,000 - $989,00058Harber Real Estate
50Clontarf StreetHouse3 / 1From $849,00014Realmark Coastal
17Delambre PlaceHouse4 / 4From $1,499,000150Realty Executives
60Harman RoadHouse4 / 2Mid $900,000's9Realmark Premier
140/7Harman RoadHouse1 / 1$255,00023Peard Real Estate Hillarys
150/7Harman RoadUnit1 / 1$145,00013Ray White North Quays
27Helsall courtHouse4 / 3From $1,495,00023Realmark Coastal
12Hermite RiseHouse4 / 3From $979,00040Peard Real Estate Hillarys
3High StreetHouse4 / 2$1,550,00029M & H Sutton Realty
37High StreetHouse4 / 2High $800's - Low $900's15Harber Real Estate
32/3Hocking ParadeTownhouse3 / 2$935,00092St Ives Sales
9Hocking ParadeLand0 / 0From $1,300,000291Peard Real Estate Hillarys
7BHood TerraceDuplex3 / 2From $939,00029Peard Real Estate Hillarys
21Keans AvenueHouse4 / 2Expressions of Interest14Renouf Real Estate
6AKeans AvenueHouse4 / 2From $995,000152Peard Real Estate Hillarys
8Ledge PlaceLand0 / 0$1,350,0006Professionals Granger Clark
5Manakoora RiseLand0 / 0$1,100,00026Peard Real Estate Hillarys
16Manakoora RiseHouse5 / 3From $1,795,00058Renouf Real Estate
25Parker AvenueHouse3 / 2From $995,00023Peard Real Estate Hillarys
23Parker AvenueHouse2 / 1$1,320,00042Davey Real Estate
20AParker AvenueHouse3 / 2From $1,050,00090Ray White Uxcel
142Parnell AvenueHouse4 / 2$999,000 - $1.079,00028Harber Real Estate
/5Robin AvenueHouse4 / 2$1,550,00085
10Robin AvenueHouse5 / 3$1,800,00048Dempsey Real Estate
/52Robin AvenueHouse5 / 3$1,550,00085
11Ross AvenueHouse4 / 2$1,200,000149Davey Real Estate
45Seaward LoopHouse5 / 5$2,500,000469Professionals Granger Clark
72Seaward LoopHouse5 / 4LOW TO MID $4M'S84William Porteous Properties International
48St Helier DriveHouse4 / 3Offers from $1,680,00023Davey Real Estate
25/160West Coast DriveTownhouse3 / 2CONTACT AGENT20Ray White North Quays

Properties Sold in the Last 3 Months

NoStreetTypeB / BSale PriceSale DateDays on MktAgency
5Cadiz CourtHouse6 / 3(UNDER OFFER)26/03/201443Harber Real Estate
6Dempster PlaceHouse4 / 3(UNDER OFFER)24/03/201420ACTON North
8Corfu CourtHouse5 / 2(UNDER OFFER)24/03/20145Century 21 Gold Key Realty
18Porteous RoadHouse4 / 3(UNDER OFFER)19/03/201442Realmark Coastal
3Grenville AvenueLand0 / 0(UNDER OFFER)11/03/201419Peard Real Estate Hillarys
18Hibernia RiseHouse7 / 3$1,380,00011/03/201447Realmark Coastal
12Bonito WayHouse5 / 2(UNDER OFFER)10/03/201414Peard Real Estate Hillarys
26Delambre PlaceHouse4 / 2(UNDER OFFER)3/03/201422Peard Real Estate Hillarys
169/7Harman RoadVilla1 / 1$250,00024/02/201481Ray White North Quays
2Anitra CourtHouse5 / 3$940,00018/02/201424Peard Real Estate Hillarys
127High StreetHouse3 / 1$745,00017/02/201442Ray White North Beach
1Frobisher AvenueHouse4 / 2(UNDER OFFER)10/02/20147Peard Real Estate Hillarys
49/160West Coast DriveTownhouse3 / 3(UNDER OFFER)5/02/201447Caporn Young Estate Agents Pty Ltd
21Elfreda AvenueHouse4 / 2$840,0003/02/201454Harber Real Estate
36/160West Coast DriveHouse3 / 2$795,0001/02/2014481Realmark North Coastal
85Marine TerraceHouse4 / 2$849,00026/01/20143Peard Real Estate Hillarys
52Myrtle AvenueHouse4 / 2$865,00026/01/201460Peard Real Estate Hillarys
49Chandler RoadHouse4 / 2$970,00025/01/201417Harber Real Estate
30Marine TerraceLand0 / 0$730,00024/01/2014148Peard Real Estate Hillarys
100Parnell AvenueHouse3 / 2$790,00024/01/201416Peard Real Estate Hillarys
41/7Harman RoadHouse2 / 1$345,00021/01/20147Ray White North Quays
39Raleigh RoadHouse4 / 2$1,400,00019/01/20144Harber Real Estate
5Templetonia AvenueHouse4 / 2$867,50018/01/201465Davey Real Estate
23Seacrest DriveHouse4 / 2$810,00018/01/20148Harber Real Estate
125/1Padbury CircleUnit2 / 1$278,00018/01/2014222Ray White North Quays
3AMyrtle AvenueTownhouse3 / 1$450,00016/01/20146Adrian Cocks Real Estate
33Myrtle AvenueHouse4 / 2$749,00012/01/201480RealtyWest
71Seacrest DriveHouse4 / 3$1,200,0007/01/201471Ray White North Beach
13Frobisher AvenueHouse5 / 3$1,300,0003/01/201456Optimus Real Estate
To see what has sold in the last year see the Sorrento Market Statistics
Source REIWA: The information contained above has been provided by the Listing office or person. All listing details should be checked with the Listing office or person. In accordance with Sorrento Living’s Terms of Use, Sorrento Living will not accept any responsibility should any published details prove to be incomplete or incorrect.