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I cause stress to my whole family at Christmas Time

Everyone asks me: what do you want for Christmas? This thought stresses my whole family every year!

How can you buy a Christmas present for me if I have EVERYTHING I want in life?

  • I have a husband who support me. Who cares for me and now he is my bionic man after his hip replacement. Hehehe!
  • I have a wizard computer son who helps me a lot on my Real Estate work. To accomplish that his girl friend is my “virtual secretary” who helps me to keep in touch weekly with my clients via my weekly blog.
  • I have my daughter who is giving me my first grandson next March and her husband who is a workaholic like me and we get along very well.
  • I have all the love from my family and friends.
  • I have a group called SINers, all my friends that get together once a month for lunch and a chat.
  • I have my health with the help of my friend Jean that makes me get out of bed at 6am go go for a walk.
  • I have my work which I cannot retire from otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.
  • I love Home Opens to meet new people or review others and renew acquaintances.
  • If I had to buy s Christmas gift for myself I could not find anything that I want.

I went to look for a new car today. All these lovely M2, M3 and M4 series from BMW did not attract me because I want my RX8 Mazda but they don’t make them anymore and I don’t know if I will be around to see a RX9. So not even s new BMW, a Mercedes or other type of brand new car does not attract my fancy?

There is only one thing that I like to have for Christmas or anytime of the year: A house to sell!

That is my ultimate Christmas present!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Add one of these beautiful homes from my home open list to your Christmas List

Unless you could work Miracles with only 20 days until Christmas it is unlikely that you can buy and have a new home for Christmas.

If however, a new home is on your Christmas list you can always have a belated present and maybe one of these beautiful homes are just what Santa would want you to have.

There are some very special light decorations in Sorrento as there is every year but have you seen a house that you would just love others to see?

Please feel free to let me know so I can share it with all my friends, readers and family!

Open for inspection this weekend!